From Lady Gaga to David Beckham: celebrity car collections

Big celebrities usually treat themselves to collecting a few items. These extravagances can range from watches, dresses and paintings to cars. On the latter there are many different styles to collect. There are classic, sports or more modern cars. The people who go for this type of collections vary between athletes, singers or actors. Here … Read more

Insults, shouts and blows: the fury of Christophe Krywonis with Ronnie Arias in Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay

I feel like strangling you”, the chef told the participant Master Chef Celebrity It is a format that has been successful worldwide. At this time, it is not only being carried out successfully in Argentina, but also in Uruguay. Recently, Christophe Krywonis He was a guest jury in the Uruguayan version and was surprised by … Read more

The “Wagatha Christie” case offers a fascinating glimpse into celebrity culture

Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney, protagonists of the media trial of the year in the United Kingdom A frank opportunity to observe the glamorous world of English football and a revelation of disloyal and ruthless celebrity machinations. A phone lost at sea, along with the evidence it allegedly contained. And one complex legal plot with … Read more

How was the agreement between Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero for their daughters to be in the final of Masterchef Celebrity


Fabian Cubero took Nicole Neumann’s daughters to support Mica Viciconte (Video: “Masterchef Celebrity 3”, Telefe) “Introduce us to your family…”invited Santiago del Moro a Mica Viciconte at the end of Master Chef Celebrity 3whose definition will be seen tonight on the Telefe screen. Immediately, the influencer – who competes for the first position with the … Read more

The sharp cross between Nancy Pazos and Denise Dumas for the elimination of Masterchef Celebrity: “It doesn’t suit you”


The panelist assured that the driver will become a great “actress” for the emotional elimination gala An emotional elimination gala took place on Tuesday in the final week of Masterchef Celebrity 3. After breaking down in tears, Denise Dumas said goodbye to the cooking showand the next day He remembered his departure from reality in … Read more

Carolina Gómez reveals what caused her health relapse in MasterChef Celebrity


Last Sunday, April 3, she was fired from the reality show MasterChef Celebrity the Colombian actress and former queen Carolina Gómez, who won the affection, not only of her fellow chefs, but of the viewers, with his charisma and kindness in the middle of the RCN channel contest. That day, in the midst of the … Read more

“She’s great”, American celebrity is an admirer of Belinda and would do this, he says


Belinda talks about Jared Letto after stating that she would tattoo it | Instagram Belinda did not hesitate to react to the statements that he would recently make Jared Leto about the tattoo that would be made on her, this would answer the so-called “Latin Pop Princess“. After the controversial rupture between the singer Belinda … Read more

15 celebrity couples whose love arose on the set


Sometimes love goes beyond fiction. Clara Lago and Dani Rovira met in ‘Ocho surnames vascos’ and their love continued beyond the screen. They were together for 5 years, until they confirmed their breakup in 2019.Other sources This is undoubtedly one of the best known romances. It’s no secret that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell … Read more

The surprising phrase of Tomás Fonzi in the middle of the versions about the final of Masterchef Celebrity


The participant of the cooking reality faced the versions about the last program where the great winner will be known The third season of Master Chef Celebrity it is coming to its end, and although there are only six participants left, a striking post by Rocío Marengo sparked theory about who will be the big … Read more

Germán Martitegui’s anger with Denise Dumas and Tomás Fonzi in Masterchef Celebrity: “They are drunk”


The jury expressed its outrage to see that they had tried several liquors and wanted to confiscate all alcoholic beverages The grand finale of the third season is approaching. Master Chef Celebrityand the final six entrants are determined to earn their place on the podium. Despite the competitive climate that exists these dayson Wednesday they … Read more