Celebrities who completely changed when they had a nose job

The entertainment industrywhether on the big or small screen, as well as musical, shows us faces with which we have become familiar and which we follow according to our preferences. Although we are aware of everything they do, did you know that some famous Have they gone through the operating room to get some fixes? … Read more

Maluma changed his look again and showed that the blonde is his thing

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Very changed, Danna Paola impresses with her marked figure in a beach dress


Danna Paola impresses with her marked figure in a beach dress | INSTAGRAM The beautiful singer Y Mexican actress, Danna Paolasurprised to share a Photography wearing the smallest beach suit that we have seen, in addition to his marked figure was what left Internet users with a square eye. The surprise of her followers was … Read more

Shaquille O’Neal revealed how he changed his diet to save his life: “When they say the word death to you…”


Shaquille O’Neal confessed that he changed his eating habits (@shaq) Shaquille O’Neal knew how to make history and dominate the NBA with his imposing physique by getting four rings (2000, 2001, 2002 and 2006) and being named league MVP. After moving away from the courts, his physique ceased to be the same and he began … Read more

Florencia Bertotti changed her look: the committed story behind the radical haircut


Florence Bertotti She is not an actress who is characterized by changing her look. Unlike other artists who often try different cuts or her hair color, Florence Bertotti She had her fans used to seeing her with her traditional long hair. However, in the last few hours she decided to make a radical change and … Read more

From “Winning” to “Swallowing, as always”: this is how Belinda changed her iconic phrase


This was the fun moment (Photo: Twitter/@belindapop) The appearances of Belinda after her breakup with Christian NodalThey are few and few. For this reason a new Tweet on your official account Twitter (where she has more than 6 million followers) has quickly become something viral due to her new interaction with the public and her … Read more

Kylie Jenner announces that she has changed the name of her son, whom she called ‘Wolf’, Lobo


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott named their first daughter, a girl born in February 2018, Stormi, something like little storm. When four years later the second arrived and they announced that his name would be Wolf, in Spanish Wolf. It seemed that the businesswoman and the rapper had set out to collect the x-men characters, … Read more

Zoë Kravitz, on her divorce and her new love, Channing Tatum: “My life completely changed”


Zoë Kravitz is at her bestboth personal and professional. At 33 years old, the actress managed to detach herself from the fame of her parents to build her own name, which she ended up consolidating with her work in the series Big Little Lies and in the movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, where … Read more

Neida Sandoval: 19 years after the accident that changed her life and that of her family


Neida Sandoval with her family. Photo: Neida Sandoval / Courtesy Neida Sandoval 19 years after the accident that changed his life and that of his family, makes a tribute and recounts everything that happened: before, during and after. 19 years ago, Neida was living one of the happiest moments of her life: She was the … Read more

Few are aware that Kate Winslet has changed the Hollywood rules forever


Kate winslet he knows all too well the fixation that the industry and the culture around him have on the superficial perfection of feminine beauty. And also of the cruelty that lies in it. She lived it in her own flesh as a child, then as a teenager and as an Oscar-winning star for Titanic. … Read more