Prince Albert of Monaco reveals Charlène’s plans for Christmas

12/23/2021 – 11:32 Updated: 12/23/2021 – 11:48 It was one of the unknowns, but it is now resolved. While the rest of the European royal houses have been making known how the festivities will pass, nothing was known about the Monegasques. Well at last Prince Albert has revealed Charlène’s plans for Christmas. The princess remains … Read more

Charlene’s original Christmas greeting with Alberto and his children that generates a question

The Christmas dates are auspicious days for send best wishes to all those around us and, although it has been a difficult year for Princess Charlene, due to your health problems derived from an ENT infection, wanted to send an original Christmas greeting. Through an endearing image where you can see the former athlete with … Read more

Charlène’s father speaks for the first time about her situation: her surprising revelation

12/07/2021 – 16:38 Updated: 07/12/2021 – 17:57 How is Charlène from Monaco? Since last May, when it became known that there was contracted an ENT infection, has been a recurring question, mainly due to the secrecy with which, until recently, the subject has been discussed from the Palace of Monaco. It has been in the … Read more

Carolina de Monaco, overturned with her brother and nephews since Charlene’s absence

The situation of Albert of Monaco Much has changed over the past year which is marked by his wife’s health problems. In November, after six months without being able to leave South Africa due to severe ENT problems, Princess Charlene returned home, but she has not been able to resume her official commitments. is currently … Read more

Alberto speaks clearly: Charlène’s health, her children’s school and the truth of their relationship


11/26/2021 – 11:22 Updated: 11/26/2021 – 11:34 We still have in our retina the image of Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco during National Day celebrations, with posters dedicated to his mother, the great absentee from the party. We could already get an idea that the two princes were the worst in the not be with … Read more

Charlene’s friends from Monaco warn: ‘She is exhausted from surgeries and cannot eat well’

The actual situation of Charlene from Monaco and the extent of her illness remains a mystery. The Princess returned to the Principality on November 8, After spending six months in South Africa, her native country, suffering from a serious ear, nose, and throat infection. It seemed that she was recovered and is expected on November … Read more

Posting from a secret location and an undisclosed condition: Princess Charlene’s mysterious seclusion outside Monaco


In this file photo taken on November 19, 2020, Princess Charlene of Monaco (AFP) Prince Albert of Monaco reappeared surrounded by his family during Monaco National Day after revealing that his wife, la Princess Charlene, “exhausted and overwhelmed”, was admitted for “several weeks” to a “treatment center” after falling ill within hours of her return … Read more

Sean Wittstock, Charlène’s brother, one more Grimaldi on a very Spanish night


11/19/2021 – 22:19 Updated: 11/19/2021 – 22:19 In the absence of Charlène, good are her brothers. The Monaco National Day celebrations They have ended the traditional show that is held every year at the Grimaldi Forum and which has been recovered this year, after dispensing with it last year due to the health situation. And … Read more

The images of Charlene’s loving reunion with her husband and children in Monaco after six months apart

Princess Charlene is already in Monaco. It is the most anticipated image in the Principality, where it was not seen in public since the beginning of January, when he attended the feast of Saint Devota. A few months later, he did not imagine that his last trip to South Africa, already in spring, was going … Read more