In a mini sports outfit, Daniella Chávez made her fans enjoy from the gym

Daniella Chávez makes her fans enjoy from the gym | INSTAGRAM When you are looking to achieve something, one of the most important things is perseverance, perseverance and effort, something that the beautiful Chilean model, Daniella Chavez, has presumed to have, this time I record a video from inside the Gym sharing with us their … Read more

With just a red bow, Daniella Chavez captures her beauty

Daniella Chavez captures her beauty with just a red bow | Instagram Daniella Chavez With a huge red bow! This is how the beautiful model Chilean Daniella Chavez She captured all her beauty for social networks and the result was definitely more than pleasing to her followers. Daniella Chavez She was quite active on social … Read more

Throw an interesting question, Daniella Chávez models and shines in a colorful dress

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“Uncontrollable”, Daniella Chávez and her dress out of control

Daniella Chávez and her dress out of control, “Uncontrollable” | INSTAGRAM Uncontrollable!, the beautiful singer Daniella Chavez She has made it more than clear that her charms have a life of their own and manage their own control even against herself and her costumes. The beautiful Chilean model was about to lose all control, because … Read more

Barbie?, Daniella Chávez drives everyone crazy with a small ribbon

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In a mask and silk stockings, Daniella Chávez shares an impressive bunny outfit

Daniella Chavez shares stunning bunny outfit | INSTAGRAM The popular Chilean model, Daniella Chavezbegan this Thursday with the best attitude, sharing an incredible photograph from the comfort of his room, right on the sheets of his comfortable sleeping furniture. The influencer was wearing a rabbit mask in black and a very nice set, made up … Read more

Made with ribbons, Daniella Chávez reveals her best outfit to conquer fans

Daniella Chávez reveals her best outfit to conquer fans | INSTAGRAM fans of the beautiful Chilean model, Daniella Chavezknows very well that she shares the best advances through her official account of Twittera social network where you can not avoid to the maximum thanks to the fact that there are no restrictions. There is no … Read more

She shows us some delicacies, Daniella Chávez modeled like a schoolgirl

Daniella Chávez looks like a schoolgirl, boasts a delight | INSTAGRAM The beautiful and talented Chilean model, Daniella Chavezhas not been presented many sessions photographicbut each time she seems to look better, she has been taking great care of her figure both with exercises and with a good diet. On this occasion the famous decided … Read more

Alfredo Adame ended his courtship with Magaly Chávez: “She is very capricious”

The couple would have ended their romance due to the behavior of both (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) Alfredo Adame assured that he will no longer arrive at the altar again, since he decided Finalize his relationship with Magaly Chavez due to the behavior her. In a meeting with the press, the controversial actor confessed that his courtship … Read more