Liam Neeson turns 70, in a life marked by tragedy: from violence in his childhood to the death of his wife

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An abusive childhood, love of boxing, darkness and a great comeback: Mickey Rourke, the 80s heartthrob who is always in force

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From humble childhood in Santiago del Estero to kisses with China Suárez and the scandal with María Becerra: who is Rusherking


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Eugenio Derbez celebrated his success at the Oscar Awards with images of his childhood: the tender video


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Jennifer Aniston’s unhappy childhood and how she recovered the bond with her father in the midst of a pandemic


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Benjamín Vicuña greeted his father on his birthday with a photo of his childhood


Benjamin Vicuna There are special dates Benjamin Vicuna never lets go. And, in one way or another, he always turns to social networks to remember them. This Saturday, without going any further, the Chilean actor decided to resort to his Instagram stories to celebrate the birth of his father, Juan Pablo Vicuna Parot. “My look … Read more

All the details of the childhood trauma experienced by William Levy from Café con Aroma de Mujer


The actor and leading man of telenovelas, William Levy, from Woman-fragranced coffeefrom time to time he makes use of his social networks to publicize some passages of his childhood in his native Cuba. Likewise, without prejudice, he has come to tell about the childhood trauma that caused him to be abandoned by his father and … Read more

Jessica Chastain and the difficult childhood that marked her forever


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Thalía: Get to know the neighborhood where she lived her childhood!


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Jennifer López’s dramatic childhood and the valuable life lesson she seeks to leave with her children


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