As vivi Sebastin Yatra el bofetn de Will Smith a Chris Rock: “Vi la cachetada, la reaccin de Beyonc y…”

El cantante y compositor colombiano Sebastin Yatra ha estado este martes con Pablo Motos en ‘El Hormiguero’ para presentar ‘Dharma Tour’, la gira con la que va a recorrer Espaa durante las prximas semanas, y su nuevo sencillo, titulado ‘TV’. El de Medelln cuenta con una legin de seguidores tanto en sus redes sociales, donde … Read more

Chris Evans net worth: cunto gan por ser el “Capitn Amrica”

Chris Evans se volvi un actor mundialmente conocido desde que se uni al Universo Cinematrogrfico de Marvel para interpretar al Capitn Amrica, uno de los superhroes consentidos de los fanticos a los cmics. Hoy en da es un histrin muy famoso a punto de cumplir 41 aos, y por estrenar ‘Lightyear’, pelcula donde presta voz … Read more

Chris Evans aclara por fin los rumores de un posible romance con Shakira

A raz de la ruptura entre Shakira y Piqu por una supuesta infidelidad del futbolista del FC Barcelona, una infinidad de rumores comenzaron a sobrevolar sobre la expareja. Doce aos de relacin, dos hijos en comn y una separacin que sorprendi a todo el mundo. A partir de ese momento, a las redes sociales no … Read more

Chris Evans reveals his feelings for Shakira during the red carpet

After the separation of the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Barranquilla singer Shakira, several rumors have emerged on social networksespecially about the alleged flirtation that there would be between the vocalist and the American actor Chris Evanswho recently spoke on the subject in an interview. A few days ago, Shakira and Piqué confirmed, … Read more

Shakira and Chris Evans: this was said by “Captain America” ​​about the singer from Barranquilla


Shakira has the power to steal the looks. Her talent, her presence and her charisma conquer any space in which the artist from Barranquilla appears. Recently, the Colombian singer has been the star, not on stage, but in the news of the national and international media. The rumor of his separation from the central defender … Read more

From the networks to reality: Shakira already follows Chris Evans and Henry Cavill on Instagram


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Shakira and the gestures of Henry Cavill and Chris Evans that have caused a stir


Shakira at the Cannes Film Festival. (AP Photo/Daniel Cole, file) Shakira still hasn’t said a word. In fact none of those involved have done so. Neither Gerard Piqué nor Henry Cavill nor Chris Evans. But at this time the most elementary gesture in social networks is worth more than a love letter or at least … Read more

Jada Pinkett Smith Opens Up About Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars

Jada Pinkett Smith turned her husband’s start at the Oscars into a learning moment about alopecia areatathe hair loss disorder that affects her and millions of others and that, in some cases, can alter the sense of identity of those who suffer from it. “Given what I’ve been through with my own health and what … Read more

What led Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans to end their friendship


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Chris Rock spoke about Will Smith’s slap and supported Johnny Depp


The famous slap that actor Will Smith gave to comedian Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars is undoubtedly one of the images of the year. From that moment, the issue became global news and the referrals of the case continued week after week. Starting with the famous slap, as well as Smith’s career … Read more