The curious bet between George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer that he “doubled”, but they won

What happened between Nicole Kidman and George Clooney? The long and intense working hours during the shooting of a film They made the actors form very strong bonds of friendship that still endure despite the passing of the years. Although the American producer and screenwriter is known in Hollywood for playing pranks on half the … Read more

Jessica Alba attended an event in New York, George Clooney works on his new movie: celebrities in a click

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The love story that turned George Clooney into another man


George Clooney and Amal Clooney (Photo: Shutterstock) Two Oscar and four Golden Globe give an account of the trajectory of George Clooney, one of the most versatile actors, who with the passing of his performances was able to place himself above that nickname of gallant with no expiration date. Clooney was born on May 6, … Read more

George Clooney explains how Amal changed his life: ‘I didn’t want to get married or have children’

His usual sincerity has been, once again, his best cover letter, and George Clooney has revealed a fact about his life before becoming a father that no one imagined. “I didn’t want to get married or have children”, the 60-year-old actor has assured during an interview on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron. But everything … Read more

The harsh statements of George Clooney about the fatal accident of Alec Baldwin on the set of the movie “Rust”


George Clooney’s harsh durations on Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting in “Rust” (Photo: WireImage) George Clooney referred to the tragedy during the filming of the movie “Rust”, when Alec Baldwin accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The renowned American actor and director called the fatal shooting “mad” and “infuriating”. The actor said that Hutchin’s death was clearly … Read more

George Clooney asked the press not to publish photos of his children “to keep them safe from terrorism”


Director George Clooney and his wife, lawyer Amal Clooney, arrive for a screening of the film “The Tender Bar” (Reuters) American actor and directors George Clooney has asked the press Do not post pictures of your children to avoid putting them in danger. The Oscar winner said that his wife Amal Clooney, as a human … Read more

George Clooney asks that photos of his children not be published so as not to endanger their lives

George Clooney wants to safeguard the image of his family and the identity of her two sons, the twins, Ella and Alexander, age 4, that share with his wife, the international law and human rights lawyer, Amal clooney, 43 years old. The actor learned that the British medium The Daily Mail had posted pictures of … Read more