Tom Hanks’ furious reaction to a fan who got too close to his wife

Actor Tom Hanks reacts elated after the crowd following him trips over his wife. Tom Hanks is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood, his roles as Forest Gump, Captain John H. Miller in “Saving Private Ryan”, or Chuck Nolan in “Castaway”, are not only the sample of his lofty acting abilities, but how … Read more

A close friend of Melchor Rodrigo pointed out Felipe Pettinato: “This was not an accident”

A close friend of Melchior Rodrigorenowned neurologist who He died as a result of a fire in the department of Philip Pettinatomade a heartbreaking analysis of what -in his own opinion- happened that Monday night. “This was not an accident”Alejando López said in television statements. “I imagine everything that we imagine. Like many of us … Read more

The time Luis Miguel paid $80,000 to be close to a renowned soap opera actress

Some years ago, Luis Miguel he was one of the biggest stars in Latin music. With her charm and her vocal level, she amazed her thousands of fans around the world. Such was her popularity that the singer he was a well-known conqueror at the height of his career. However, few know that the interpreter … Read more

The tragic story of Mercy Arrastia Tuason, the most powerful aunt of Isabel Preysler and Tamara Falcó in the Philippines: ambassador, millionaire and close friend of Pope Francis

The Marchioness of Griñon, Tamara Falcohas given us via Instagram an Easter trip to her Filipino roots with her boyfriend Inigo Onieva. The land where she gave birth to her mother, and where whole branches of her relatives still live. Isabel Preyslerhas received her with open arms and although she has not mentioned which of … Read more

Regina Blandón showed “her old age up close”: this is how she answered those who criticize her for getting older

However, this vulnerability and transparency with the photos and videos that she shares on social networks also make her a target of criticism and judgment from various Internet users. In this sense, the 31-year-old actress was recently criticized for looking “old” in one of her photos. The comment was relevant, because Blandón not only dedicated … Read more

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge close their Caribbean tour surrounded by children and with those affected by Hurricane Dorian

The dukes of cambridge end this saturday its intense caribbean tour which, for a week, has taken them to countries like Belize, Jamaica and Bahamas to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. On their last day of travel, Prince William and Kate Middleton have traveled to the Abaco Islands to show your total Support for … Read more

Elizabeth II uses her personal wealth to close Prince Andrew’s sex scandal

Respect for the figure of Elizabeth II —much more so in the year in which she commemorates the 70th anniversary of his reign— has led political parties and the media to hold their noses knowing that the queen will pay with part of her estate the out-of-court agreement of his son, Prince Andrew, in the … Read more

Close to returning to music, Paulo Londra was sued by his ex, days after giving birth: what does the mother of her daughters ask for

Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno “I’m happy because new things are coming”, The Cordovan singer wrote just a few days ago Paul London on his Instagram account in reference to his imminent return to music. However, and when everything seems to be heading in the workplace, in the personal sphere things are not going well. … Read more

The scandalous separation from Ioan Gruffudd: his ex-wife accused him of having an affair with a close friend

Alice Evans revealed that her ex-husband Ioan Gruffudd cheated on her for three years (Photo: Instagram @ aliceevansgruff) The actress Alice evans accused her ex-husband Ioan Gruffudd of having a relationship with a Close friend for three years. His statements come just when the British actor, 48, officially announced his romance with Bianca wallace, seven … Read more

The happiness of Antonio Banderas for having his daughter Stella close after the hiatus of the pandemic

Antonio Banderas you feel really emotionally full and you have a compelling reason for it. “Happiness is having my daughter close after the COVID hiatus”, the actor, director and producer has proudly confessed about the moments that now that you can spend and enjoy one of the people you love the most, after year and … Read more