EX-DRIVER OF DESPIERTA AMERICA COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET? With a simple photo confirms everything? Francisca and Ana Patricia congratulate him: “I adore them” (PHOTO)

Ex-host of Despierta América, does he come out of the closet? A suspicious message from the former presenter and now businessman left everyone surprised Even Francisca Lachapel and Ana Patricia Gámez commented A few years have passed since Alejandro Chabán conquered thousands of fans like driver from Despierta América and is now a great businessman, … Read more

Adolfo Aguilar on Rodrigo González: “Peluchín did not take me out of the ‘closet’ by force, he knew it years ago”

Adolfo Aguilar spoke about Rodrigo González live. (Photo: Instagram) This January 15, Adolfo Aguilar made a live with his followers, who did not hesitate to ask themselves countless questions after talking about his sexual orientation. As you remember, the actor and producer revealed that he was gay to a local media. Given this, many users … Read more

“When is he going to come out of the closet?”: The historical obsession to glimpse homosexuality in heterosexual artists


Two weeks ago the singers Shawn mendes (Ontario, 23 years old) and Camila Cabello, one of the couples of the pop orbit most admired by generation Z, they announced that they had ended their relationship. The news still gives itself and, as the promotional times dictate, Mendes just released his new single, It’ll be ok … Read more

Edwin Luna nails: Does it come out of the closet? Edwin hits with painted nails


Does it come out of the closet? Edwin Luna appears with painted nails in photography Raises suspicions and followers claim that he is gay Edwin talks about the real reason why he removed Kimberly Flores from La Casa de los Famosos They spread it in networks. The singer from Monterrey, Edwin Luna, is harshly criticized … Read more