Eugenio Derbez reaches out to Carmen Salinas: offers to transfer her by air to get her out of a coma

As happened with the families of the deceased Octavio Ocaña and Sammy Pérez, the actor Eugenio Derbez again held out his hand for one of his colleagues: this time it is about Carmen Salinas. According to Gustavo Briones, the artist’s nephew, the comedian has already contacted him to offer help that is necessary to get … Read more

Carmen Salinas “is not going to wake up from the coma,” says Jorge Nieto, godson of the actress | People | Entertainment

According to Nieto, the stroke was in the brain stem, an area where the awakening function is found and which suffered irreversible damage. The family hopes for a miracle. November 13, 2021 – 03:03 PM The journalist Jorge Nieto, godson and friend of the actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image just shared new details about his … Read more

Why Carmen Salinas suffered the stroke that keeps her in a coma

Carmen Salinas is currently in a coma (Photo: Instagram / @ carmensalinas_56) The renowned actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has been hospitalized since last November 10 because she suffered a stroke, she enjoyed one of her soap operas currently on air, then had dinner and then went to bathe, in that room of her … Read more

Like Carmen Salinas ?, the sleeping prince, more than 15 years in a coma

Like Carmen Salinas ?, Sleeping prince, more than 15 years in a coma | Twitter How Carmen Salinas placeholder image?, “The Sleeping prince“Al Walid bin Khalid bin Talal al Saud, is a young man whose story has gone around the world, because at just 18 years of age he had a traffic accident that cut … Read more

Carmen Salinas remembered her deceased son shortly before suffering the stroke that kept her in a coma

The only son of Carmelita Salinas died of cancer Photo: Instagram @ carmensalinas_56 Four days before Carmen Salinas suffered a stroke in the bathroom of her home, an event that keeps her in a natural coma and connected to a respirator, the veteran actress posted a series of sad messages on her Instagram account. The … Read more

From Brandon Lee’s death to Vin Diesel’s double coma: accidents during filming

Actor Brandon Lee, in a moment of ‘The Raven’.PROMOTION PHOTO The accident in which Alec Baldwin was involved this Thursday in the filming of the independent West movie Rust It is not an isolated case. After 42-year-old director of photography Halyna Hutchins died after being shot by the actor With a prop gun, which was … Read more