Wanda Nara confessed what gift she asked for her anniversary: ​​”Every time I make it more complicated”

Wanda Nara confessed what gift she asked for her anniversary: ​​”Every time I make it more complicated” After a 2021 with many twists and turns, where the media conflict known as Wandagate was, the relationship between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi was able to recompose and they are currently going through some of their best … Read more

Dwayne Johnson had a complicated relationship with his dad and regrets not being able to say goodbye to him

Dwayne Johnson. Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Dwayne Johnson49 years old, revealed the life lessons his father gave him and how they were etched in his memory after he passed away in January 2020. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former WWE professional wrestler recalled those memories while discussing the role of his father, played … Read more

Vanessa Huppenkothen: the low self-esteem that accompanies her after suffering from a complicated illness


Until Vanessa began to feel physical symptoms such as palpitations or difficulty losing weight, when she realized that something was not quite right with her body (Photo: IG/@vanehupp) vanessa huppenkothen She has stood out throughout her career as one of the greatest references in sports journalism in Mexico, however, this time she put aside her … Read more

Thelma Fardin spoke about how her fight against Juan Darthés affects her: “Not only in my relationships does it get complicated”


The actress gave details of the judicial process in an interview with Alejandro Fantino Thelma Fardin reappeared on television, after being admitted to the Pirovano Hospital, from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, due to a peak of stress. His health was affected by the trial against Juan Darthes, for aggravated rape, which began at … Read more

The complicated year for the Principality of Monaco due to the absence of Charlene

The princely family is about to close a tremendously difficult year, in which we have only seen Charlene of Monaco at an official event in January. A) Yes, the first half of 2021 has been marked by a question: where is the princess? The answer came in the form of a palace communiqué. He was … Read more

Lourdes Leon: “I have a complicated relationship with the networks because often and by myself they make me feel like shit”


Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, turned 25 a couple of months ago She has become a promising youngster in the world of fashion, a sector in which she seeks to pursue a career as a model. He has participated in catwalks, has attended the prestigious Met gala, has starred in advertising campaigns for powerful firms … Read more