Jada Pinkett’s condition for Will Smith to record romantic scenes in movies

Will Smith Y Jada Pinkett They have become one of the most mediatic couples in recent months after the remembered ‘Prince of Rap’ starred in a controversial event during the last Oscars. After that, some curiosities of the couple regarding the actor’s work have been revealed, especially when he had to perform romantic scenes with … Read more

Nacho asks for a miracle for the health of his friend Chyno Miranda: Rumors assure that the Venezuelan singer is hospitalized for his serious health condition | People | Entertainment

The bad news about the health of Chyno Miranda They reappear after Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, artistically known as Nacho, alerted his thousands of fans to pray for his friend in the face of the medical condition in which he plunged again. What is known (so far) about Chyno Miranda For years, the singers were one … Read more

Hailey Bieber was hospitalized in an emergency for a brain condition

Getty haley bieber haley bieberthe wife of Justin Bieber, was hospitalized “with a brain condition”, reports TMZ. The entertainment news site reported that the condition “may be related to COVID.” However, that has not been determined with certainty. Bieber, 25, was admitted to a Palm Springs-area hospital, TMZ reported on March 12, 2022, adding that … Read more

Emiliano Sala’s mother spoke for the first time about her son’s death and raised the family’s doubts: “That plane was not in good condition and the pilot never appeared”


Mercedes Carina Taffarel, mother of Emiliano Sala Three years after the death of Emiliano Sala and a few days before the final trial, Mercedes Carina Taffarel, mother of the soccer player, spoke for the first time in the media. The woman, in dialogue with The Coastrecalled what happened prior to the tragic flight from Nantes … Read more

What is the condition for Gaby Spanic to make peace with Gustavo Adolfo Infante


Gaby Spanic contacted the driver to see if he could reach an agreement with him Photos: Instagram @mcharpvenezuela / @gabyspanictv Gustavo Adolfo Infante gave the scoop on his show program The sun rises on the course that your legal conflict has with Gaby spanic. Venezuelan actress contacted the driver to see if he could come … Read more

Stable, within gravity: Carmen Salinas’s condition after undergoing two procedures


Carmen Salinas was intervened so that she could continue feeding (Photo: Instagram) This November 23, the family of Carmen Salinas placeholder image reported that the actress underwent two surgeries and that none of the procedures presented complications, because the producer is also stable within the seriousness of her medical situation. “They successfully performed a tracheostomy … Read more

What do Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco know about their mother’s condition? Prince Albert tells it

Monaco National Day 2021 that was celebrated this Friday is always an appointment marked in red on the Grimaldi family calendar since it is a date in which most of its members meet and enjoy the festivities together from the balcony of the Palace. This year will be remembered in an especially significant way since … Read more

Posting from a secret location and an undisclosed condition: Princess Charlene’s mysterious seclusion outside Monaco


In this file photo taken on November 19, 2020, Princess Charlene of Monaco (AFP) Prince Albert of Monaco reappeared surrounded by his family during Monaco National Day after revealing that his wife, la Princess Charlene, “exhausted and overwhelmed”, was admitted for “several weeks” to a “treatment center” after falling ill within hours of her return … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II is in serious condition, she had an accident


The Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom He has had the whole world in stock after he spent the night in the hospital last October 20 to undergo routine examinations for an unspecified ailment, which forced doctors to suggest rest for two weeks to regain health. During that period the Queen isabel II was … Read more