Carlos Rivera confirms that he has already married Cynthia Rodríguez and calls his love “divine and eternal”

Carlos Rivera confirms that he has already married Cynthia Rodríguez and calls his love “divine and eternal”. | Vatican Media Special Carlos Rivera confirms that he has already married Cynthia Rodríguez and calls his love “divine and eternal”. Thus, the singer of “That what is ours stays in ours”, was faithful to the decision of … Read more

Shakira in yellow translucent corset and white shorts confirms that divorce rejuvenates

Shakira in translucent yellow corset and white shorts confirms that divorce rejuvenates. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM As Carolina Herrera said, “You have to cry for a man for three days… And on the fourth, you wear heels and new clothes”, the Colombian singer Shakira in translucent corset and white shorts, confirms that divorce rejuvenatesand now more … Read more

24 hours before asking for a divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard spent the night with James Franco: the video that confirms it

The video shows James Franco with Amber Heard the night before she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp After more than a week off, actor Johnny Depp’s libel trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard resumed on Monday. During cross-examination, the actress acknowledged that On May 22, 2016, the night before she filed for divorce from … Read more

Christian Nodal confirms that he has not asked Belinda for her engagement ring

The journalist Nelssie Carrillo shared a video in which you can see Christian Nodal as well as thoughtful, sad, for admitting that he will leave Mexico. It seems that the lack of security does not like the singer and he does not like always feeling exposed. He does not like that they know where he … Read more

Alain Delon, the most beautiful man in the world, confirms his euthanasia at 86: This is the injection he could receive | People | Entertainment


Became a sex symbol in the 60s and 70s, Alain Delon expressed to his son the decision he made to apply the euthanasiasince after two stroke and at 86 years of age, he doesn’t want to live anymore. Anthony Delon made public the decision of his father, who had already stated in previous interviews that … Read more

EX-DRIVER OF DESPIERTA AMERICA COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET? With a simple photo confirms everything? Francisca and Ana Patricia congratulate him: “I adore them” (PHOTO)


Ex-host of Despierta América, does he come out of the closet? A suspicious message from the former presenter and now businessman left everyone surprised Even Francisca Lachapel and Ana Patricia Gámez commented A few years have passed since Alejandro Chabán conquered thousands of fans like driver from Despierta América and is now a great businessman, … Read more

Juan Rivera confirms that he spoke with Chiquis about Lorenzo Méndez’s alleged drug use


The reactions on the new Chiquis book continue, now it was John Rivera who spoke about it. The singer’s uncle confirmed that on one occasion her niece questioned him about the attitude of a person who consumes cocaineso at that time suspected that her husband Lorenzo Méndez was on drugs. In ‘Invincible’ he recounts that … Read more

It’s official: Kimberly Reyes confirms the end of her marriage to businessman Federico Severini


PHOTO: Via Instagram of Kimberly Reyes Speculations about the separation between Kimberly Reyes and her husband, Barranquilla businessman Federico Severini They are not new: for several months, the couple’s followers have rumored about an apparent breakup, and even more so when it became known that they had a crisis in 2021. Now, Reyes herself revealed, … Read more

José Emilio, grandson of Talina Fernández, confirms the estrangement from his father, El Pirru

whenever they need it, Talina Fernandez will be for your grandchildren, Mary, Paula Y Joseph Emiliochildren of the deceased Mariana Levi. Precisely, the youngest of the brothers did not hesitate to turn to his grandmother at this time after distancing himself from his father, Jose Maria Fernandez the pirru. This was confirmed in a recent … Read more

Andrés García confirms that he will have only one heir, but it will not be any of his children


EFE Latam Videos Ecuador for shortening the road to Qatar at the expense of undefeated Brazil Guayaquil (Ecuador), Jan 26 (EFE) .- Ecuador will leave tomorrow, Thursday, to try to shorten the path to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, at the expense of the undefeated and already qualified Brazil, in the match of the fifteenth … Read more