EX-DRIVER OF DESPIERTA AMERICA COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET? With a simple photo confirms everything? Francisca and Ana Patricia congratulate him: “I adore them” (PHOTO)

Ex-host of Despierta América, does he come out of the closet? A suspicious message from the former presenter and now businessman left everyone surprised Even Francisca Lachapel and Ana Patricia Gámez commented A few years have passed since Alejandro Chabán conquered thousands of fans like driver from Despierta América and is now a great businessman, … Read more

The Dukes of Cambridge congratulate Christmas with an unpublished and very different photograph of their family holidays

There are very few days until the arrival of Christmas and the dukes of Cambridge They wanted to congratulate the holidays in advance with a Christmas in which, accompanied by their three children, they have conveyed their best wishes. “We are pleased to share a new image of the family on this year’s Christmas card … Read more

Charlene from Monaco breaks her silence to congratulate her children on their 7th birthday

Jacques and Gabriella de Monaco, the twins of princes Alberto and Charlen, turn seven years old this Friday. A very important day that his mother wanted to immortalize with several photographs. It is unknown if the Princess has traveled to Monaco to be with her little ones during her birthday And she has portrayed them … Read more