Romina Marcos came out in defense of Niurka after the accusations of sorcery: “Let them continue saying that she is a witch”

Romina Marcos is Niurka’s daughter Photo: Instagram @niurka.oficial The House of the Famous in its second broadcast has been a success, since the program unleashed various controversies between several participants of the reality show. Even, and as usual, Internet users have also been part of these controversies, since, through social networks, users attack the situations … Read more

Shakira and Pique | Shakira tries to continue with her life in Barcelona

» Núria Tomás, Piqué’s ex before being with Shakira, premieres a docuseries about her life » Waka Waka excitement » The first images of Shakira and Piqué after announcing their separation » The viral video that tells the breakup of Shakira and Piqué with the lyrics of the singer’s songs » Shakira’s sentimental resume: all … Read more

Susana Abundiz: Do you continue your relationship with a former EXATLON USA participant?

Courtesy Telemundo Susana Abundis The successful sports reality show broadcast by the Telemundo network, Exathlon United States, turns each of the athletes who decide to take on the challenge within the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet” into celebrities with legions of fans accompanying them at every step. And not to mention the winners, who … Read more

His wife and Hollywood abandoned him, but Will Smith will return to the screen to continue succeeding

His wife and Hollywood abandoned him, but Will Smith will return to the screen to continue succeeding | Special: Twitter Will Smith’s life changed forever on March 22, 2022 and the slap he gave Chris Rock at the Oscars buried what he had achieved. His wife and Hollywood left him, but will return to the … Read more

After 9 heart attacks and at the age of 71, César Bono has to continue working to support his family


César Bono confessed that he wants to return to work because he is the breadwinner of his family (Photo: Instagram @assislsantos) After Caesar Bono had to undergo emergency surgery in March because had the perforated duodenumconfessed that is ready to go back to workbut not only for passion for acting, but for financial need. Two … Read more

Lis Vega will continue to undergo aesthetic operations: “Not even if they were going to kiss me”


Lis Vega shared that as long as she likes her appearance, she will continue with the modifications Lisa Vega He has been surprising his admirers for years with various cosmetic surgeries and modificationsHowever, since 2019 he has received a lot of criticism both on social networks and in his close circles. During a meeting with … Read more

Will Smith’s disciplinary proceedings will continue despite his resignation


Will Smith once also made fun of a person with no hair. Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has received and accepted the resignation of Will Smithhowever, the protagonist of ‘I am Legend’ will continue to face disciplinary proceedings after beating Chris Rock at the last edition of the … Read more

Evaluna Montaner told the family tradition that she will not want to continue with her son: “It scares me, it’s traumatic”


Evaluna and Camilo will be parents for the first time (@evaluna) “Because the love of my life came into my life. I asked the one above, but with you it got out of hand. And how lucky I am. I won without playing the lottery. I missed you with you Christmas came early”they sing Evaluate … Read more

Carmen Salinas will undergo a tracheostomy and gastrostomy to continue feeding


The actress and singer served 12 days hospitalized since her stroke (Photo: Cuartoscuro) Carmen Salinas turned 12 days since suffered a stroke that left her in a coma and on assisted respiration on November 11, for which she was admitted to a hospital in the Roma neighborhood, Mexico City, and reported in a natural coma … Read more

Thelma Fardin spoke of Maradona: “We cannot continue to deify that figure”


Thelma Fardin In the years that he lived in Cuba, Diego Maradona maintained a relationship with Mavys alvarez when I was a teenager. Recently, this 37-year-old woman shared that the Ten He had subjected her to situations of gender violence, which had induced her to consume drugs and which had incited her to undergo a … Read more