Cher, the queen of reinventions, refuses to age and attacks the cosmetic touch-ups of young girls

Actress and singer Cher in one of her last public appearances, during the opening gala of The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening, in September of last year, in Los Angeles (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage,) The singer and actress Cher is one of the few women who has never lost her relevance and could take … Read more

“I’m not just a nose”: Carmen Campuzano spoke about her multiple cosmetic surgeries

Carmen Campuzano said she was happy with her last surgery (IG: carmencampuzanooficial) Carmen Campuzano was considered during the 90s as one of the most beautiful women in Mexico, howeverafter acquiring a bacteria called leptospirosisinitiate multiple aesthetic treatments and fall into addictions, the appearance of the famous changed radically over the years. This is why after … Read more

Courteney Cox on her cosmetic touch-ups: “I didn’t realize I looked really weird with the injections”


On September 22, 1994, six almost unknown young actors appeared together for the first time on the screen to kick off what would be the greatest professional experience of their lives: playing the friends of the series together. friends, one of the most successful comedies of all time. From that moment on, the six would … Read more

Was necessary? Eight famous people addicted to the scalpel and cosmetic touch-ups


archive It could be said that Hollywood is synonymous with cinema, glamour, fame and… cosmetic surgeries. There is still today a certain mandate that celebrities must be always impeccable for the camerasso it is very common for them to undergo different aesthetic procedures to achieve this. In many cases, the need to extend professional life … Read more

Courteney Cox was honest about her cosmetic touch-ups: “I went crazy”


Courteney Cox (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) American actress Courteney Cox, 57, admitted she had a hard time realizing how “strange” she had become after undergoing numerous cosmetic procedures that left her almost unrecognizable. Now, he said, he has learned to accept the passage of time. The star of the television sitcom “Friends” acknowledged that … Read more

Marian Farjat denounced malpractice in cosmetic surgery: “The doctor laughed in my face”


Marian Farjat denounced malpractice in one of her cosmetic surgeries (Photo: Instagram) Marian Farhat recounted the dramatic situation that is still going through a cosmetic surgery on her nose that she underwent in 2017. Through a distressing story, the former Big Brother denounced medical malpractice and he listed all the complications he has been suffering … Read more

The before and after of Ninel Conde and her cosmetic surgeries


The artistic career of Ninel Conde It started in 1995 and hasn’t stopped since. In the beginning, the actress was established as the winner of the Señorita Estado de México contest. Then, he decided to enter the world of acting and body language. Therefore, he began his studies. While she was training in important schools … Read more

Gabriela Spanic has a “smaller” waist after cosmetic surgery, says plastic surgeon


Actress Gabriela Spanic underwent cosmetic surgery due to the weight she lost after her participation in the show “Dancing With The Stars,” in which she appeared last year. The surgical process he underwent in mid-December was at the hands of Dr. Luis Gil, known for being the surgeon of celebrities since he has collaborated with … Read more

Juan José Origel revealed names of celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgeries


Juan José “Pepillo” Origel revealed what celebrities he saw when he went to inject botox (Photo: Instagram / @ juanjoseorigel) Show host Juan José Origel, who is also known as “Pepillo”, He confessed to having seen more than one actress leave a clinic that specializes in carrying out cosmetic surgeries. During the program Excuse me, … Read more

Gaby Spanic underwent a new cosmetic surgery and showed how it was


The 50-year-old actress underwent an aesthetic intervention (Photo: Instagram / @ gabyspanictv) Recently Gaby spanic revealed that he would undergo a couple of cosmetic procedures in order to correct some defects of his physique, among which are a liposculpture, butt lift and skin tightening. The actress confirmed it last Wednesday through her social networks, where … Read more