The forceful phrase of Peter Lanzani when asked about the courtship of China Suárez and Rusherking

The actor referred to the criticism that his ex-partner from Casi Ángeles receives through social networks, and admired his strength The last months Eugenia The China Suarez faced negative comments on social media and several times decided to respond with forceful messages and reflections on bullying. On Tuesday Peter Lanzani was asked about it in … Read more

Rusherking’s strong reaction after criticism for his courtship with China Suárez

Rusherking’s strong reaction after criticism for his courtship with China Suárez In the last hours, China Suarez and Rusherking They became a trend after both confirmed their courtship. Saturday night, The 22-year-old artist gave details of his relationship with the actress and, among other things, confessed that he is very much in love. Users on … Read more

Sebastián Yatra referred to the courtship of his ex, Tini Stoessel, with Rodrigo De Paul


Sebastián Yatra referred to the courtship of his ex, Tini Stoessel, with Rodrigo De Paul Sebastian Yatra arrived in Argentina at dawn on Monday to make a special Paramount + program with Susana Gimenezwho had been preparing for the match all Sunday, when he showed on his social networks how he prepared the interview. This … Read more

Alfredo Adame ended his courtship with Magaly Chávez: “She is very capricious”


The couple would have ended their romance due to the behavior of both (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) Alfredo Adame assured that he will no longer arrive at the altar again, since he decided Finalize his relationship with Magaly Chavez due to the behavior her. In a meeting with the press, the controversial actor confessed that his courtship … Read more

Dalma Maradona’s blunt response when asked about Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna’s courtship


The daughter of Ten faced the rumors about the link with her brother-in-law and explained her position from mid-March Gianinna Maradona and Daniel Osvaldo They were shown together again. Although the couple had announced their separation three months earlier, they finally they bet on courtship again, and these days they exchange romantic posts on Instagram. … Read more

Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau: Majo defended her cousin after the leak of her courtship


Majo defended her cousin Ángela and her boyfriend due to harassment on networks for their leaked photos (Photos: Instagram/@angela_aguilar @Gussylau @majo_aguilar) In the midst of the scandal due to the filtering of some photos where Angela Aguilar Y Gussy Lau They are very affectionate and confirmed their engagement, Niceher cousin, defended her and assured that … Read more

Nicole Peña ended her courtship with Angélica Rivera’s nephew


Nicole confirmed that she ended her courtship with Angélica Rivera’s nephew, Alejandro Espinosa (Photo: Instagram/@nicolepp18) Nicole Penaone of the daughters of the former president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nietoconfirmed that the romance ended that he kept with Alexander Espinosanephew of his former stepmother, Angelica Rivera. Since May 2019, Nicole, the youngest of Peña Nieto’s children, … Read more

Neymar confirmed his courtship: who is Bruna Biancardi, the influencer who stole his heart


The Paris Saint-Germain winger confirmed the relationship with a series of photos on his social networks (Photo: Reuters) It must not be easy to conquer a personality recognized as Neymar Jr. being so related to night outings, parties and carnival. But after several months of secret dates, enigmatic comments on social networks and indications that … Read more

Dulce María: the gift she keeps from her courtship with Guillermo Ochoa


This is the waistband that Dulce María wears (Photo: Instagram / @ dulcemaria) / Guillermo Ochoa returns to the call-up of the Mexican team (Photo: AP) Former RBD member Dulce María, he was honest about the romance he had with the athlete Guillermo Ochoa in 2005 during an interview he had with the entertainment journalist … Read more

Duki and Emilia Mernes whitewashed their courtship: passionate kiss and crossed messages


Love Song: Duki and Emilia Mernes For six months Duki and Emilia Mernes they coincided in events related to the musical world, they showed themselves buddies on night out with friends and they sparked romance rumors every week. The coincidences made sense in the last hours, when The 25-year-old ragpicker whitewashed his courtship with a … Read more