Queen Elizabeth II reappears, the covid ran errands for her

On February 20, it was reported that the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom He had tested positive for the Wuhan virus after an outbreak that occurred in Windsor Palace, and despite the fact that the British monarch was said to have mild, flu-like symptoms, the world could not stop worrying about his illness. … Read more

Lucía Méndez will spend her 68th birthday with COVID: “The broken body”

Lucía Méndez has not suffered severe symptoms Photo: Instagram @luciamendezof/Uriel Santana Lucía Méndez announced that she tested positive for COVID-19 Recently, and although she did not specify how many days she has been with her condition, the actress shared her condition with the press, the symptoms she is experiencing and a reflection on her imminent … Read more

COVID KILLS IT! 35-year-old actor dies at the hands of the coronavirus; his father, also an actor, fights for his hospitalized life (PHOTOS)


Victim of Covid, actor Andrés Restrepo dies His cousin talks about Andrés’ artistic career His father, actor Fabio Restrepo, is in the ICU Actor Andrés Restrepo dies. Sadly, the SARS-COV-2 virus continues to claim the lives of thousands of people, on this occasion, the 35-year-old actor named Andrés Restrepo, who was a participant in productions … Read more

Lili Estefan on COVID infections: “Whoever wants to go out should go out and have fun”


Lili Estefan caused controversy with her views on COVID. Photo: Lili Estefan / Courtesy This past Monday in ‘The fat and the skinny’ Lili Estefan Y Raul de Molina they got into a discussion where they both had almost opposite points of viewWere they talking about entertainment? About gossip? About a celebrity?… No! of COVID, … Read more

Confirmed: Adamari López was admitted to the hospital for COVID


Adamari López in the hospital for COVID. Photo: Adamari López/Facebook / Courtesy Confirmed: Adamari Lopez was admitted to the hospital for COVID… She herself reported it and showed it in a video that she shared on her Facebook account. Earlier we told you that Adamari uploaded a video to his Instagram account where he was … Read more

Eric del Castillo makes it clear if he reconsiders getting vaccinated after learning that his daughter Kate has covid


Eric del Castillo revealed that he was unaware that his daughter Kate He tested positive for covid-19 and that he is “in recovery” at home in the US, as announced by the actress on Tuesday, January 11. The 87-year-old actor reacted to the news, which he found out through the media because he said that … Read more

Jorge Rial confirmed that he has Covid: “I thought the virus was not going to reach me”


Jorge Rial said that thanks to the complete vaccination, he has mild symptoms Amid the increase in coronavirus cases that are arising in the country, this noon Jorge Rial reported that it tested positive. “Like many, I thought that the virus was no longer going to reach me. But COVID makes no exceptions “, began … Read more

Did Lupillo Rivera recover from his second Covid 19 infection?


Getty Images Lupillo rivera he is quite a survivor of Covid-19. The 49-year-old singer confirmed on his Instagram account that he is totally free of the virus, uploading the recent result of the test that was carried out and that shows that he is cured. “SAFE AND SOUND. here already ready to chat in new … Read more