Shattered! Prince William cries for betrayal of his brother Harry

The prince relationship William and Harry hit rock bottom: the Duke of Cambridge he could not bear the betrayal committed by his own brother and cried No matter what they saw, this was revealed by a source close to William, who told the details of what happened and what will happen now with the children … Read more

Mother cries for her son, they beat him in Querétaro and he has a stroke; there were already 10 detainees

Despite the fact that “screams” were requested on social networks that the mothers of those involved in the pitched battle at the Corregidora stadium in Querétaro be the ones to hand them over to the authorities, because this would represent an act of love and respect for the country due to the terrible behavior of … Read more

The moment in which the daughter of “Pata” Medina is arrested and the desperate cries of the mother


After this morning transcended the arrest images of the former general secretary of the Argentine Construction Workers’ Union (Uocra) of La Plata, Juan Pablo “Pata” Medinamet a new video which shows the moment in which the Police handcuffed his daughter, Valentinaalso involved in an altercation with officers after the unrest registered in front of the … Read more

Jomari Goyso cries after making a painful confession about her body


Getty Images Jomari Goyso crying Jomari goyso He is considered one of the most sympathetic celebrities on television, and although the Spaniard is always smiling and making funny comments, he confessed that more than a decade ago he began to be serious self esteem issues, which led him to undergo intense steroid treatment to enlarge … Read more

Yidda Eslava cries and says that Julián Zucchi no longer loves her: “He told me that he no longer wants to be with me”


For a few days, the name of Slavic Yidda returned to the headlines, after his confession that she and her son were diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or autism earlier this year. Now, in addition to her brave confession, which came with an explanation that autism is not a disease, her name has once … Read more

DIE AT 56 YEARS! Famous actor loses the battle against disease and passes away; his girlfriend cries devastated: “I miss your face, your voice.” (PHOTOS)


The death of famous voice actor is announced It’s about Cris Ayres, who voiced Freezer in the United States The actor’s girlfriend claims he was the kindest and gentlest being of all “My world went dark.” The unfortunate death of famous voice actor known for appearing in the Japanese manga “Dragon Ball” at the age … Read more