Heard suggests Depp’s exes are too afraid of criticism to accuse him of violence

Amber Heard suggested that the other ex-partners of JOhnny Depp they may be too afraid of violent criticism to present allegations of abuse against the star Pirates of the Caribbean. In his interview on Dateline on NBC on Friday night, the Aquaman actress responded to a question from Savannah Guthrie about why she’s the only … Read more

Cande Tinelli uploaded a photo in a bikini and had to go out to respond to criticism for her body

Cande Tinelli pointed against the haters and gave advice to his followers Although today there is already a greater awareness of how harmful criticism can be for a person’s physical appearance, the truth is that social networks are still plagued with haters that are dedicated to flooding the profiles of celebrities with derogatory comments. In … Read more

Rusherking’s strong reaction after criticism for his courtship with China Suárez

Rusherking’s strong reaction after criticism for his courtship with China Suárez In the last hours, China Suarez and Rusherking They became a trend after both confirmed their courtship. Saturday night, The 22-year-old artist gave details of his relationship with the actress and, among other things, confessed that he is very much in love. Users on … Read more

Meghan Markle’s ‘horribilis’ week: from her father’s stroke to criticism after her visit to Uvalde


Meghan Markle is living a few days, at least, complicated. The wife of Henry of England could be in for a sweet moment, when her little daughter is about to turn a year old and she is going to return to the UK to be part of the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth … Read more

Christian Nodal confessed to being tired of criticism after his breakup with Belinda: “I have regretted it from the heart”


Christian Nodal opened his heart in front of his followers Christian Nodal, after finding himself in the eye of the hurricane due to the most recent controversy in which he was involved after announcing various conversations he had with Belinda when they were still dating, he opened his heart and accepted all the mistakes he … Read more

Fernando Colunga reappears and is raining criticism for his “stretched face”

Fernando Colunga reappears and criticism rains down on him for his “stretched face”. | Special Fernando Colunga reappears and is raining criticism for his “stretched face”. The mexican actor thus announcing a new stage in his career, where he reaffirms his place as the king of soap operas and their 56 yearsconfirms that it is … Read more

Thalía received strong criticism for the appearance of her face: “The botox was good”


Thalia is 50 years old (Photo: Instagram/@thalia) One more time, Thalía is involved in the controversy over a photograph that she published on her social networks. On this occasion, the Mexican artist was harshly criticized by the appearance of your face because it was supposedly swollen, a situation that unleashed endless conflicting opinions about the … Read more

How old are Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira and how have they responded to criticism for their age difference


For love there is no age. One of the most famous and mediatic couples of recent times is the one that makes up renowned singer Marc Anthony Y the model Nadia Ferreira, whose relationship has been very well received by fans of the salsa artist. Despite this, some people have questioned the age difference between … Read more

Selena Gomez stands up to criticism about her weight: “I’m perfect just the way I am”


Selena Gomez has spoken before the ‘haters’ that they criticize her for the appearance of her body. The Disney star and defender of the ‘body positive’ movement has dedicated a strong message on their social networks to all the people who dare to comment on his physique. half joking half seriousbut above all spontaneous, something … Read more

“She didn’t breathe and she barely smiled”: Camila Cabello’s crude confession and her criticism of the paparazzi for her bikini photos


Camila Cabello shared a text on her social networks after seeing some photos of her in a bikini (Reuters) In a post uploaded to his Instagram account in which there is no image, but a long text, Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello reflected on the criticism she receives about her physical appearance and how they affect … Read more