Ana Martín confessed that she has a “crush” with a famous British singer

Ana Martin confessed that she has a crush with a

(Photo: Instagram / @anamartinof) In recent years, Ana Martin has caught the attention of the public with its participation in social networks, as it has conquered the youngest users with its iconic photographs and funny TikToks. On this occasion, the renowned actress gave something to talk about by confessing that she feels a special attraction … Read more

Celebrities who had a ‘crush’ (in secret) with another celebrity: Ricky Martin’s will surprise you

Celebrities who had a crush in secret with another celebrity

Artists take the breath away from their audience not only because of their work, but also because of their charisma and beauty, and this is also the case of some celebrities, who confessed to having a ‘crush’ with a colleague. From the clever Emma Watson to the iconic Meryl Streep, celebrities have admitted their crush … Read more

Why we were told that the wedding between Grace Kelly and Rainier of Monaco was a fairytale crush: it was due to a financial maneuver (by Aristotle Onassis)

Why we were told that the wedding between Grace Kelly

In 1956, the world sighed with love at the fairytale wedding between Grace Kelly, the most elegant actress and regal of the Hollywood of the moment, and Rainier of Monaco. The incredibly romantic tale of their crush and subsequent marriage has endured for decades, and their wedding has continued to draw sighs of melancholy generation … Read more

“I would love to be your dad”: Yordi Rosado confessed to having a ‘crush’ with Victoria Ruffo

I would love to be your dad Yordi Rosado confessed

Yordi Pink He has become one of the favorite television hosts for the fun and interesting interviews he conducts. In addition, now he also shares his content on social networks and the reception has been very flattering. Recently, the producer also surprised his followers by confessing to Jose Eduardo Derbez that he has a ‘crush’ … Read more