There are no excuses, this is how the “Cuban” maintains her stylized silhouette

Livia Brito raises her arms and reveals her abdomen of steel | Instagram Livia Brito resumes her habits from the garden with no one to stop her to continue with her goal of achieving the figure she longs for, a white top shows the results of the “Cuban” with a steel abdomen. The TV actress, … Read more

This is how the “Cuban” manages to raise the temperature on Sunday

Livia Brito in a pink skirt, tones her legs more | Instagram Livia Brito does not rest in achieving the figure for which he has worked very hard, in the middle of a relaxing moment from the garden, the “cuban“He boasts a routine to tone his legs even more and maintain that long-awaited figure. The … Read more

It was not a relaxed Sunday for her fans, the Cuban actress accelerates their hearts

Livia Brito, in a pink skirt and blouse, models from the garden | Instagram Livia Britowho will soon appear in the telenovela “No man’s wife“, left users mesmerized in a photo from the garden where she models a matching pink skirt with a white blouse while enjoying a “relaxing Sunday”. The TV actress, Livia Britoappears … Read more

The “Cuban” melts all her fans with tenderness in a photo

Livia Brito, in a souvenir photo celebrates Children’s Day | Instagram Livia Britoreappears in a photograph from his Instagram account in which he seldom shows himself with a beautiful memory in which he celebrated his childhood. The “Cuban television actress“, Livia Britoremembered in productions like “Triumph of Love“, “La Piloto”, and recently, “La Desalmada”, shared … Read more

The “Cuban” is a dangerous distraction in the middle of the street

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Leave even the soul, the “Cuban” fulfills its objective from the gym


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The “beauty of Venus”, the “Cuban” did not need anything in the photo


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The beautiful “Cuban” will arouse much jealousy in some recent postcards


Livia Brito wrapped in a towel, has fun from the pool | Instagram Livia Britoshowed all her beauty in some flirtatious images on the edge of a pool from where she captivated her millions of subscribers on social networks. the pretty”cuban actress” Figure wrapped in a towel by the pool and some of her charms … Read more