“Damn crippled”: Itatí Cantoral’s reaction when he learned that Fabiola Guajardo would play Soraya

The actress revealed that her antagonist has been quite a challenge and confessed that although the comparisons have not been lacking, she has the support and validation of her predecessor. Itatí Cantoral’s reaction In a recent interview with Las Estrellas, Guajardo recounted how Itatí Cantoral reacted when they met and had the opportunity to talk … Read more

‘Being single and not having children gave me more work in relation to my married colleagues. She called me a damn millennial,’ says an Ecuadorian worker | Reports | News

Ángela Carolina, 32, worked for three years in a manufacturing company, in the accounting area. When she first joined, her expectations were high, since she had received good comments from the company. When she met her direct boss, she thought that they would understand each other very well because of her condition as women. However, … Read more