An intimate photo of L-Gante with a dancer went viral

L-Ghent In mid-October of last year, just before the singer L-Ghent confirm your separation from the influencer Tamara Baezthe rumor began to circulate that he had some meetings with the dancer luli romero, who participated in some of his video clips. At that time the information was denied, although the separation between the couple also … Read more

This was the incredible debut of Jacky Bracamontes as a dancer

Undoubtedly, Jacky Bracamontes has become one of the most beloved celebrities on television. And it is that in addition to her great expensive and incomparable beauty, Jacky has proven to be a very talented woman, which is why she has won the hearts of her audience thanks to her endearing soap opera characters and to … Read more

Married to a Catalan dancer and with two musical children: get to know Georgie Dann’s most personal side

His songs are known around the world, but his most personal side has remained more alien to the general public. Behind Georgie Dann and his catchy songs there was much more musical training than some might even think. He studied at the Paris Conservatoire for nine years and knew how to play the clarinet, the … Read more

Toni Costa receives girlfriend: the Spanish dancer receives La Bichota

Toni Costa’s supposed girlfriend arrives in Miami and Adamari López ‘reacts’ The Spanish dancer is related to an influencer known as the “Bichota” They assure that the Puerto Rican reacted with a video on her social network Toni Costa receives a girlfriend. A few days ago, social networks exploded when journalist Javier Ceriani related Adamari … Read more