El Noba’s mother spoke for the first time since her death: “I told my son: ‘You took my heart and my soul with you'”

Vanesa, moved after the death of her son (Video: “Cortá por Lozano, Telefe) Last Friday the tragic death of The Noba He shocked not only his fans but also his most intimate environment, who are the ones who miss him the most every day. In this sense, and after a few days of silence, Vanessathe … Read more

Liam Neeson turns 70, in a life marked by tragedy: from violence in his childhood to the death of his wife

Liam Neeson’s action movie on Netflix These days the figure of Liam Neeson has re-emerged in the role it plays best: the action genre. Because although throughout his career he has tried himself in a variety of characters – from starwars a The Miserables-, he knows well – as well as the public – that … Read more

They attacked a cell phone that covered the death of El Noba and the singer’s sister apologized


They attacked America’s cell phone while covering the death of El Noba While a mobile intruders (America) covered the news of the death of The Noba at the door of the hospital High Complexity in El Cruce Network Dr. Néstor Carlos Kirchner of Florencio Varela -where the singer spent a little over a week hospitalized-, … Read more

Pain for the death of El Noba: the heartfelt messages of the famous in the networks


The sad news of the passing of Lautaro Coronel, better known as The Nobacaused great pain in the tropical move, and many artists fired him with moving messages throught social media. The musician and influencer from the southern suburbs died at the age of 25 ten days after suffer a violent accident on board his … Read more

The word of Vanesa, El Noba’s mother, minutes before learning of the death of her son


Vanesa, Noba’s mother spoke about the singer’s health: “His heart beats” Lautaro Colonelpopularly known as The Noba, passed away Friday at noon After spending just over a week in the Hospital of High Complexity in Network El Cruce Dr. Néstor Carlos Kirchnerby Florencio Varela, after being involved in an accident while traveling on his motorcycle. … Read more

María Levy is honest about the devastating consequences she suffered after the death of her mother

María Levy opened the doors of her heart to talk about one of the most vulnerable and difficult stages of her life. As few times, she explained to the public what it was like to lose her mother and how hard it was to live without her. The model she confessed that for a few … Read more

The death of his mother, another misfortune in the life of Alec Baldwin


A few months ago, alec baldwin lived one of the greatest misfortunes of his life. In a confusing accident, the actor accidentally killed the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. This, after he shot himself with a prop gun while shooting the movie “Rust” in New Mexico. MORE INFORMATION: Images of Alec Baldwin’s dismay after accidentally killing “Rust” … Read more

Ninel Conde reacts to the alleged death of Larry Ramos


Ninel Conde is still in ‘the eye of the hurricane’ The Mexican singer and actress reacts to the alleged death of her ex-husband, Larry Ramos The businessman has been a fugitive from justice since September of last year What’s going on? Just a few days ago, Argentine journalist Maximiliano Lumbia assured that businessman Larry Ramos, … Read more

Laura Bozzo launches death threats and causes Niurka Marcos to invoke her saints


IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Christian Nodal is exposed in a video where he appears drunk and they even tell him: “calm down” 02:27 Edén Muñoz opens the doors of her dressing room exclusively for us and reveals several secrets 02:17 Chiquis Rivera … Read more