“He never answered me”: Joaquín Nahuel, the pastry boy, exposed Wanda Nara and she went out to defend herself

Wanda Nara had said that she was going to order a cake from Joaquín Nahuel, but the boy said that this never happened In recent months, Twitter converted Joaquin Nahuel, the 10-year-old pastry chef who makes cakes to pay for an expensive operation that he needs, in a star. After receiving criticism from various users, … Read more

“It is important to know your own value and defend yourself”: Scarlett Johansson pronounces on her millionaire lawsuit against Disney

Published: Dec 1, 2021 23:51 GMT In September, the American actress and the studio reached an agreement in the lawsuit for the simultaneous release of the film ‘Black Widow’ in theaters and Disney +, which, according to Johansson, caused him losses, and they promised to continue working together. Scarlett Johansson ruled on the lawsuit that … Read more