Maribel Guardia defended Vicente Fernández after accusations of truncating careers: “No one does that, not even friends”

Photos: Cuartoscuro // Instagram @maribelguardia Maribel Gardia defended Vicente Fernández against accusations that position him as the alleged person responsible for having truncated the career of Mexican artists, recalled some experiences of empathy that he lived with the singer and shared his point of view regarding the decision he made The Mexican Institute of Industrial … Read more

The ‘queen of divorces’ lawyer who defended Johnny Depp in his

Divorces in the world of fame seem to be more and more common, as it is now more common to hear from artists who no longer want to continue their marriage and need a lawyer to dissolve their ‘happily ever after’. But when there are millions of dollars, properties and children involved, the separations become … Read more

“Manipulator and cold”: Ireland Baldwin was lapidary with Amber Heard and defended Johnny Depp

Ireland Baldwin shared a strong message on her social networks with which it reflects the position it has on the trial taking place in Virginia, United States, between Johnny Depp and Amber Heart. The actor’s daughter alec baldwin was blunt in his comment after seeing the reaction of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean … Read more

Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau: Majo defended her cousin after the leak of her courtship

Majo defended her cousin Ángela and her boyfriend due to harassment on networks for their leaked photos (Photos: Instagram/@angela_aguilar @Gussylau @majo_aguilar) In the midst of the scandal due to the filtering of some photos where Angela Aguilar Y Gussy Lau They are very affectionate and confirmed their engagement, Niceher cousin, defended her and assured that … Read more

Claudia Álvarez was criticized for piercing her baby’s ears: this is how she defended her decision

Motherhood under public scrutiny is complicated. For this reason, several celebrities choose to protect the anonymity of their children and their facet as mothers. However, some more are much more open with the challenges, joys and blessings that they experience as mothers, which not only provokes positive and loving responses from their fans, but also … Read more

Nicolás Arrieta’s girlfriend defended herself against Yeferson Cossio’s accusations: “He was the one who always had drugs”

Original photos: Instagram @yefersoncossio @lorenestebanm @nicolasarrieta A few days ago a strong controversy arose through social networks, after Nicholas Arrieta will be dispatched against his colleague Jeffrey Cossiowhom he accused of scamming unsuspecting people through one of the companies he promotes on his Instagram account. Even, the Bogota youtuber pointed out, the Antioquian celebrity turned … Read more

Paulina Goto defended victims of abuse after Sasha Sokol’s statements

Paulina Goto defended the victims and sympathized with Sasha So The young Mexican interpreter Paulina Goto asked the press not to put pressure on victims of sexual abusethis due to the statements of Sasha Sokol, whom she supports and with whom she identifies because she experienced a similar situation when she was related to the … Read more

Alex Perea defended himself against allegations of violence against women

Alex Perea responded to the allegations of violence against him Photo: Instagram/@alexpeaof Within the framework of International Women’s Day, the Mexican interpreter Alex Perea He was accused of allegedly having raped a woman in the past. Given the seriousness of the situation, the Mexican actor He decided to respond to the accusations through his social … Read more

“Whoever likes it likes it”: Daniel Bisogno defended Belinda again

Daniel Bisogno does not agree with the way Belinda has been treated after her breakup with Nodal Photos: Instagram@bisognodaniel // Getty Images the presenter Daniel Bisogno showed his support for the singer Belindawho has been the subject of comments, criticism and even ridicule as a result of his break with Christian Nodal. The couple shocked … Read more

YosStop defended Belinda after breaking up with Nodal: “Very sad that because you are a woman they invent things for you”

(Photo: IG @justyoss/ @belindapop) After the breakup between Christian Nodal and Belinda, the attacks on the interpreter of Light without gravity there is no unemployed person, because she has been designated as “interested” and many other negative things. Faced with this situation, the influencer Yoseline Hoffman gave her opinion on the matter. Through a TikTok, … Read more