Alexa Dellanos lowers her bikini to the height of her intimate part and raises the temperature of her followers

Alexa Dellanos she loves to please her more than 8 million followers with provocative poses and skimpy clothes as she did with a photo she shared on Instagram where, her bikini is slightly lowered on the seashore and the temperature of her followers rises. The young influencer, daughter of Myrka Dellanos shows off her pronounced … Read more

Tight outfit, Alexa Dellanos makes her fans smile with a curvaceous figure

Alexa Dellanos with curvy figure makes her fans smile | INSTAGRAM It was through five photographs as is the beautiful american model, Alexa Dellanos was in charge of pampering his audience and confessing that he would do anything to make those 8 million of followers who now support it. The famous Influencer decided to share … Read more

Why does Myrka Dellanos attack Toni Costa so much?

Why Myrka Dellanos lash out so much against Tony Costa?… Since the second season of ‘The House of the Famous’, a recurring theme to be discussed in ‘The Hot Table’Telemundo’s afternoon talk show, is what the dancer does and says, especially if he talks about his ex, and her colleague from the same network, Adamari … Read more

Alexa Dellanos made her fans enjoy her plaid beach suit

Alexa Dellanos: Her fans enjoy a beach outfit with balls | INSTAGRAM On the Internet there are many people who call themselves models, however, those who really do it in an exceptional way always stand out, such is the case of Alexa Dellanoswho in addition to being the daughter of a famous television presenter in … Read more

Surprise, Alexa Dellanos leaves her fans dazzled with her network outfit

Alexa Dellanos leaves fans dazzled with her network outfit | INSTAGRAM The beautiful and famous american model, Alexa Dellanosreally enjoys being able to take professional photos in different outfits, that’s why this time he wanted to surprise his followers, who despite being used to seeing his beauty once again they were surprised that their attire … Read more

Alfredo Adame declared his love for Myrka Dellanos on a live show

Alfredo Adame took advantage of the interview to confess his love to the journalist. (Facebook Alfredo Adame / Instagram @myrkadellanos) After endless recent controversies in the media and even on social networks, the Mexican actor Alfredo Adame reappeared on a live show, in which despite currently being in a relationship with the now actress Magaly … Read more

Alfredo Adame says he is in love with Myrka Dellanos: the table got very hot on Telemundo

Alfredo Adame he began to sweat and even red was seen when he admitted to Telemundo’s Hot Table who for many years was in love with Myrka Dellanos. He asserted that he still is, because she is a beautiful woman. The famous actor and television host said that his crush on Myrka Dellanos comes from … Read more

Myrka Dellanos reveals a creepy moment: “the revolver was in my head”

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Myrka Dellanos confesses if she will tell her past and intimate secrets she had with Luis Miguel


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Myrka Dellanos confesses: “It is extremely difficult to be in front of the cameras and to be compared with three other women”


Myrka Dellanos She expressed her feelings by posting a text on her Instagram account, which she accompanied with some photographs of herself. The host of La Mesa Caliente spoke of the attacks due to physical appearance and pointed out that she cannot change who she is. Dellanos, who shares the leadership of the program with … Read more