Denise Richards apoyó a su hija que se sumó a OnlyFans: “A lo mejor, debería abrir yo también una cuenta”

Hace unos días, la hija mayor de Charlie Sheen y Denise Richards causó controversia al anunciar que había abierto una cuenta en OnlyFans, una red social que permite monetizar los videos y las fotos que allí se suben y que se caracteriza por su contenido sensual para adultos. Con esta decisión, y sin proponérselo, Sami … Read more

Denise Dumas did not know that she had an open microphone and confirmed the infidelity of a famous

Denis had a live outburst (Photo Instagram @denise_dumas) The pearls in a live television can occur due to some technical failure. The most common is when the microphones are turned on without the speaker’s knowledge, which is why they may not be careful with their words. This situation left great episodes on Argentine television, to … Read more

The sharp cross between Nancy Pazos and Denise Dumas for the elimination of Masterchef Celebrity: “It doesn’t suit you”


The panelist assured that the driver will become a great “actress” for the emotional elimination gala An emotional elimination gala took place on Tuesday in the final week of Masterchef Celebrity 3. After breaking down in tears, Denise Dumas said goodbye to the cooking showand the next day He remembered his departure from reality in … Read more

Germán Martitegui’s anger with Denise Dumas and Tomás Fonzi in Masterchef Celebrity: “They are drunk”


The jury expressed its outrage to see that they had tried several liquors and wanted to confiscate all alcoholic beverages The grand finale of the third season is approaching. Master Chef Celebrityand the final six entrants are determined to earn their place on the podium. Despite the competitive climate that exists these dayson Wednesday they … Read more