Heard suggests Depp’s exes are too afraid of criticism to accuse him of violence

Amber Heard suggested that the other ex-partners of JOhnny Depp they may be too afraid of violent criticism to present allegations of abuse against the star Pirates of the Caribbean. In his interview on Dateline on NBC on Friday night, the Aquaman actress responded to a question from Savannah Guthrie about why she’s the only … Read more

Amber Heard responded to Johnny Depp’s TikTok: he used his ex’s words against him

In early April, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard embarked on one of the trials more Hollywood media. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor accused his ex-wife of defaming him in an opinion piece that he published in ‘The Washington Post’ newspaper in 2018, in which he recounted the domestic violence he experienced in the past. … Read more

Camile Vásquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, has a boyfriend

Camille Vasquez was first spotted out with her British WeWork executive boyfriend, debunking rumors she’s secretly dating Hollywood star Johnny Depp. The romantic interest of Johnny Depp’s star lawyer, Camille Vasquez, has now been revealed with a British WeWork executive who lives in London. Vasquez, 37, and her boyfriend Edward Owen, 38, were seen together … Read more

8 Sun Rags Revealed On DAY 23 Of Amber Heard And Johnny Depp’s Trial


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went through another day of trial, where the actor accuses the actress of defaming him for domestic abuse. As expected, many scandalous details were revealed, so here is a compilation of what happened.Advertisements 1. A Doctor Explained Why Johnny’s Finger Wound Had No Glass Remains The first witness was Dr. … Read more

Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer who is “destroying” Amber Heard


The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard It has become a dramatic television series watched by millions around the world. Despite the fact that they are the protagonists, during the interrogation of Depp’s defense to Heard another main character has appeared in the story that has already accumulated a group of fans: Camille … Read more

Kate Moss testified at Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard and recounted the famous incident in which she rolled down the stairs


Kate Moss: “Johnny Depp never pushed her, kicked her or threw me down the stairs” (Reuters) the british model Kate Moss testified Wednesday in Johnny Depp’s libel trial against Amber Heard. In a brief statement by video call from England, the actor’s ex-partner denied an alleged act of violence when they were dating in the … Read more

How was Johnny Depp’s finger cut? This is the version of him and Amber Heard

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard keep going. Over four weeks, the jury has heard several testimonies, including those of the plaintiff – Johnny Depp – and the defendant – Amber Heard- Well, both celebrities took the stand to declare and offer their own versions of the facts. Among the various aggressions … Read more