The relationship between Nacho and Ivonne Montero died before it began, did Niurka influence?

To this day, many believe that Nacho Casano has no weakness in the game. In The House of the Famous He has proven to be a great strategist. He is the one who pulls the strings of Niurka Marcos. He does. He says. He executes. “Repeat”. Nacho acts coldly and for this reason many believe … Read more

Actress Julieta Vallina died at the age of 50

Julieta Vallina (Instagram) the actress died juliet valina. The artist, who worked in cycles such as Botineras, Stolen lives, They are loves, Father Courage, Your part of the deal and The Donor, among other fictions, was 50 years old. The sad news was confirmed during the early hours of this Tuesday by the Argentine Association … Read more

They reveal what the humorist Mandíbula died of; it was not because of the disease he suffered from

Marcelino Rodriguez, popularly known in the entertainment world as Jawpassed away this Friday, May 27 at dawn in the city of Bogotá. The iconic comedian was 71 years old. The news of the death of the renowned artist was initially announced by Caracol Television, a channel where he worked for more than 30 years, being … Read more

Mourning on Colombian television: Humorist Marcelino Rodríguez, ‘Mandíbula’, died

Marcelino Rodriguez, ‘Jaw’. Photo: private file, Canal Caracol. Colombian television woke up in mourning this Friday, May 27, since the famous comedian died in the early hours of the morning Marcelino Rodríguez, better known as ‘Jaw’. As revealed by Caracol Televisión, the comedian was recently infected with covid-19 and as a result of the complications, … Read more

Young man believed Leonardo DiCaprio and died emulating a scene from ‘Titanic’

A night of drinks and romance ended in tragedy for a young couple in Turkey, after, while enjoying the beach and in the midst of their complicity and coquetry, they decided to get on a fishing pier and, after overcoming a security barrier installed there, he wanted to emulate the iconic scene from the film … Read more

Alma Delia Fuentes, the star of the Golden Age who retired at the age of 33 and died in the garbage

Alma Delia Fuentes retired at the age of 33, after two divorces (Photo: INAH) One of the actresses Golden era with a tragic ending Alma Delia Fuenteswho decided walk away of the film industry from very young and ended his days trash from the garage of his house. Alma Delia Fuentes began her artistic career … Read more

Country music legend Naomi Judd died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Ashley Judd reveals

(CNN) — Ashley Judd and her family wanted the world to hear from them how naomi judd died And it happened during interview Ashley Judd had with Diane Sawyer and that was broadcast this Thursday on the “Good Morning America” ​​program. She said her family was okay with her sharing her mother’s cause of death. … Read more

The beloved actress Hilda Bernard has died at the age of 101

Hilda Bernard celebrating her 100 years (Photo: Maximiliano Luna) With much regret and in a statement, the Argentine Association of Actors reported sad news: Beloved actress Hilda Bernard passed away at the age of 101. Born in Puerto Deseado, province of Santa Cruz, the artist became an icon for the Argentine public and managed to … Read more

“My mother died without knowing that they abused me”: Natalia Durán

The renowned Colombian actress Natalia Durán recently revealed to public opinion the abuse she had suffered during her childhoodin an interview for the Show channel 1 entertainment I know everything. yeshowever, after another meeting in the media, this time on the program ‘Day by day’, of Caracol Radio, gave more details about how difficult this … Read more

Natalia Durán says that her mother died without knowing that she was abused


A few days ago the model and actress Natalia Duran He opened his heart and revealed, through his YouTube channel, that he was the victim of sexual abuse by his biological father, Fernando Segura, when he was just a girl. “It was a father who sexually abused me until I was 3 years old.… He … Read more