Diego Boneta and Renata Notni have not married because of COVID-19: “The only thing we have is the moment”

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni have been around since 2020 Photo: Instagram/@diego Diego Bonet Y Renata Notni They have become one of the most commented couples on social networks and the media thanks to the fact that they are considered one of the “relationship goals” that every member of the show business or the general … Read more

They criticized Diego Boneta for acting like Luis Miguel in real life: “He stayed in imitation”

Luis Miguel and Diego Boneta (Photo: File) Although Diego Boneta’s career began when he was a child, the actor had an exponential rise when starred Luis Miguel: the series. But, although the show transmitted by Netflix It has already come to an end, now the artist was harshly criticized for apparently continuing to behave in … Read more

A few days after Diego Verdaguer’s departure, Ana Victoria dedicates some emotional words to her sister Gimena

In the midst of the duel they are going through due to the recent death of Diego Verdaguerhis two daughters, Anna Victoria and Gimena, they have come together more than ever. And it is that despite the distance and having been born to different mothers, the singer’s daughters have tried to build a close relationship … Read more

Diego Leuco told his love story with Sofía Martínez: “I like it because I admire what it does”


In dialogue with Catalina Dlugi, the journalist spoke about his sentimental present and confessed that he is in love On Friday Diego Leuko posted on his Instagram account the first photo with his girlfriend, Sofia Martinezand thus made official the engagement. The next day she was encouraged to provide more details in dialogue with Hold … Read more

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic kiss


The actors have been dating for just over a year. Photo: Instagram/@diego Diego Bonet Y Renata Notni touched the social networks with their romantic celebration of the Valentine’s Day. The actors shared a couple of photos that drove social networks crazy, they enjoyed the sea in Miami and, prior to the celebration of lovers, they … Read more

“It’s something manipulated”: Diego Verdaguer and his position on the pandemic, was he anti-vaccines?


The death of Diego Verdaguer, caused by complications from covid-19, has made several network users remember the position that the Argentine and his wife had on the pandemic. While the singer believed that the virus had been created by “wicked minds”, Amanda Miguel showed her dissatisfaction with vaccines on several occasions, which suggested that neither … Read more

Diego Boneta announced his own brand of tequila and was criticized


Diego Boneta announced that he will become an entrepreneur very soon (Photo: Instagram / @ diego) Through their social networks Diego Boneta, who in recent years gained worldwide fame for playing Luis Miguel In his biographical series, he announced that very soon he will take a next step in his professional career but this time … Read more

Diego Torres confirms their separation a year after their wedding

For a few days it had been rumored that Diego Torres and Débora Bello they had decided to put an end to their marriage. Many Latin media echoed the news, however, neither the Argentine artist nor the model had commented on it. This weekend, the singer of Hope color has been in charge of confirming … Read more

Diego Boneta clarified if he will soon marry Renata Notni


Diego Boneta responded about the rumors about a possible wedding with Renata Notni (Photo: @ diego / Instagram) Diego Boneta, who became one of the “promise” actors in Mexico thanks to his performance as “Rocco Bezauri” in Rebel (2004), responded in a very sincere and forceful way about the rumors that revolve around his relationship … Read more