They reveal what the humorist Mandíbula died of; it was not because of the disease he suffered from

Marcelino Rodriguez, popularly known in the entertainment world as Jawpassed away this Friday, May 27 at dawn in the city of Bogotá. The iconic comedian was 71 years old. The news of the death of the renowned artist was initially announced by Caracol Television, a channel where he worked for more than 30 years, being … Read more

Other celebrities who suffer from the same disease as Bruce Willis

A few days ago the entertainment world suffered a severe blow when Bruce Willis announced that he was completely retiring from acting due to suffering from aphasiaa disease that is detected almost immediately since the difficulties in processing or expressing verbal and written communication are evident for the patient himself or for the people around … Read more

Sandra Pica expands on the disease she suffers from after her continuous visits to the emergency room

Diseases of celebrities Sandra Pica Sandra Pica is not going through, not even remotely, an easy personal stage. Her health has generated great concern and finally the doctors have approached a clear diagnosis after the young woman’s last visits to the hospital the health of Sandra Pika has created quite a stir. The former contestant … Read more

The disease against which ‘La Gorda Fabiola’ and ‘El Charrito Negro’ fight: “It kills you slowly”

Original images: Instagram @CharritoNegroOficial | colprensa According to data reported by the High Cost Account (CAC) as of June 30, 2021, It is estimated that in Colombia there are 1,676,885 people who have diabetesamong which the cases of several celebrities stand out, such as “Fat Fabiola” and ‘The Black Charrito’who spoke about it in an … Read more

Andrea Rincón, concerned about the case of the poisoned drug: “This disease always bottoms out, a hospital, the cemetery or jail”

Andrea Rincon Andrea Rincón referred to the case of poisoned cocaine that left more than 23 dead and more than fifty hospitalized. In addition to expressing his support for the families of the victims, The former Big Brother highlighted the importance of knowing how to ask for help. “Our condolences to the family and strength … Read more

COVID-19 in “Hoy”: Andrea Legarreta and Andrea Escalona tested positive for the disease

During this Monday’s broadcast, the hosts of Televisa’s morning show “Hoy” announced the illness of Andrea Legarreta and Andrea Escalona. The infections of the COVID-19 disease in the morning of Televisa, TodayThey are the order of the day. After Arath de la Torre and Raúl “Negro” Araiza were absent from the magazine due to contagion, … Read more

Anahí was fighting against this harsh disease when she was recording RBD; What is it about?

Anahi, who currently remains away from the stage and the artistic medium in general, rose to fame thanks to the telenovela Rebel (2004-2006). In that inter, he was part of the band RBD, beside Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Sweet Maria, Christian chavez Y Christopher Uckermann. The Mexican actress and singer de began his career from … Read more

What is cleidocranial dysplasia? Rare disease suffered by Gaten Matarazzo, actor of Stranger Things

Gaten matarazzo is a young actor who became world famous when he was 14 years old by playing Dustin in the Netflix series, Stranger things, where it was also possible to see that he suffered from a strange disease that affected the development of his teeth. Matarazzo suffers from genetic disease call cleidocranial dysplasia, an … Read more

DIE AT 56 YEARS! Famous actor loses the battle against disease and passes away; his girlfriend cries devastated: “I miss your face, your voice.” (PHOTOS)

The death of famous voice actor is announced It’s about Cris Ayres, who voiced Freezer in the United States The actor’s girlfriend claims he was the kindest and gentlest being of all “My world went dark.” The unfortunate death of famous voice actor known for appearing in the Japanese manga “Dragon Ball” at the age … Read more