Alessandra Rosaldo responded to Mhoni Vidente for predicting divorce with Eugenio Derbez

The singer questioned the capabilities of the fortune teller for talking about her marriage to Eugenio Derbez. After Mhoni Seer assured that the divorce of Eugenio Derbez Y Alessandro Rosaldo is close, the actress did not want to remain silent and denied the predictions of the famous fortune teller. A few weeks ago Mhoni Vidente … Read more

Shakira’s divorce: Gerard Piqué’s ex also talks about him

Everything seems to indicate that more secrets of the private life of Gerard Piqué will be known. The Barcelona player has been very bad because of his infidelities and his attitude with the women around him, causing the breakup of his marriage with Shakira. The actress and businesswoman Nuria Tomás, in the midst of that … Read more

Shakira in yellow translucent corset and white shorts confirms that divorce rejuvenates

Shakira in translucent yellow corset and white shorts confirms that divorce rejuvenates. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM As Carolina Herrera said, “You have to cry for a man for three days… And on the fourth, you wear heels and new clothes”, the Colombian singer Shakira in translucent corset and white shorts, confirms that divorce rejuvenatesand now more … Read more

They question their sexuality: Sebastián Caicedo responds in the midst of the scandal over his alleged divorce


The actor Sebastián Caicedo with his wife, Carmen Villalobos. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images The actor Sebastian Caicedo is getting involved in negative comments because now they are questioning their sexuality. In the midst of all the scandal he is going through with his wife, carmen villalobosDue to an apparent love break, now the Colombian is … Read more

The painful night Katy Perry was asked for a divorce with a text message at the worst time

After 14 months they divorced Reuters Katy Perry It is part of the most important female cultural references in the history of pop culture. Despite the fact that she became one of the icons in the most commercial and important musical genre in the world, she is also a composer, actress, model and even a … Read more

Sebastián Caicedo “made the decision” and would have asked for a divorce from Carmen Villalobos

Speculations about the alleged separation between Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo have increased in recent days due to the notorious estrangement that the couple has had, mainly because of the different projects in which each one is working. Equally, the gossip show host I know everything, Ariel Osorio, assured last week that the couple signed … Read more

Luis Fonsi talks about his divorce with Adamari López: “I have never told this, she is going to kill me”

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi finally broke the silence about her divorce with Adamari Lopezmore than 12 years after their breakup. Since they announced their separation in November 2009, both artists have been very discreet about it, but especially Fonsi. It was quite a surprise for the public that the singer decided to talk about … Read more

Does Carmen Villalobos confirm divorce from Sebastián Caicedo?; “That was a decision we made”

After 13 years together and being one of the most stable couples on social networks, Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo they could be going through a crisis and she clarifies it herself. It is worth mentioning that the rumors have started for a couple of months, when the photographs together have begun to be less … Read more

24 hours before asking for a divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard spent the night with James Franco: the video that confirms it


The video shows James Franco with Amber Heard the night before she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp After more than a week off, actor Johnny Depp’s libel trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard resumed on Monday. During cross-examination, the actress acknowledged that On May 22, 2016, the night before she filed for divorce from … Read more

Video shows James Franco visiting Amber Heard the night before she filed for divorce from Depp


Footage has emerged of Hollywood actor James Franco visiting Amber Heard at her apartment the night before she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp. Surveillance video was shown to jurors at the Fairfax, Virginia, courthouse Tuesday morning as Heard faced intense cross-examination by Depp’s legal team during ex-partner’s high-profile defamation trial. The video shows Franco … Read more