I got divorced at 28: “I feel tender towards myself, having been so young and having signed such a big contract” – La Tercera

I got divorced at 28 I feel tender towards myself

“I got married when I was in college, at 23 years old. I remember as if it were yesterday that the day they asked me to marry me and I said yes, one of my friends asked me if I was sure of my decision. There was neither prejudice nor malice in his tone of … Read more

The Brazilian model who had married herself divorced after only 90 days of marriage

The Brazilian model who had married herself divorced after only

Model Cris Galêra got married outside a church in Sao Paulo in September and recently announced that she would be divorcing. Photo: Instagram Cris Galêra Brazilian model and influencer Cris Galêra, who went viral for having married herself, also divorced herself after barely 90 days of marriage. The marriage occurred in mid-September, when the 33-year-old … Read more

Are you getting divorced? In mourning and with her husband in jail, the missing Televisa actress gives serious news

Are you getting divorced In mourning and with her husband

Written in SHOWS the 10/28/2021 · 18:08 hs Mexico City.- Strong news circulates about the actress Yadhira Carrillo, who abandoned the Televisa soap operas in 2008 and He disappeared of acting to dedicate herself to her family and whose husband, the lawyer Juan Collado, is in the jail. Click here and discover more information about … Read more