Silvia Pinal’s doctor revealed what happened to her state of health

The name of Silvia Pinal It never stops being on everyone’s lips. Since the actress reappeared on social networks starring in new images, she began a controversy both on the internet and on the small screen. According to several users and fans of the figure, the interpreter appears with a downcast face in the latest … Read more

Actress of ‘Doctor Strange’ was convicted of sexual abuse of minors

A scandal is going through an actress and her husband, after being found guilty of sexual abuse with minors in the United Kingdom. This is Zara Phythian, who is known worldwide for her role in the Marvel production Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme, playing Brunette Zealot, and her husband Victor Marke. The Nottingham Crown Court in … Read more

Ana María Polo: what you should know about the return of Doctor Polo to “Case Closed”

Over the years Anna Maria Polo has become a star thanks to his program “Case closed”. Since 2001, she has been in charge of mediating all kinds of legal battles that affect Latinos living in the United States. However, in 2019, the driver decided to take a break from the screens. Now, after two years … Read more

Johnny Depp’s doctor describes how he treated the actor’s amputated finger

The private doctor Johnny Depp recounted how he treated the actor’s wound after he ended up with his finger amputated in Australia in March 2015. Dr. David Kipper said during a prerecorded statement filed in court Monday that he cleaned Depp’s wound after an incident in which the actor claimed his ex-wife Amber Heard threw … Read more

Johnny Depp’s doctor declared that he found “a piece of the finger” of the actor after a violent fight with Amber Heard


The toxic relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard exposed another violent chapter, during the trial that the actor is doing for defamation of his ex The defamation trial facing johnny depp Y Amber Heard told at the beginning of his second week of oral arguments with the testimony of the actor’s doctor, who confirmed … Read more

Johnny Depp’s doctor reveals he found his finger at a fight scene


The trial for defamation that confronts the actors johnny depp Y Amber Heard had in his second week of oral arguments the testimony of the doctor of the first, who confirmed that he located the fragment of a finger of Depp Between blood and broken glass. The court of Fairfax (Virginia, USA), where the litigation … Read more

Marian Farjat denounced malpractice in cosmetic surgery: “The doctor laughed in my face”


Marian Farjat denounced malpractice in one of her cosmetic surgeries (Photo: Instagram) Marian Farhat recounted the dramatic situation that is still going through a cosmetic surgery on her nose that she underwent in 2017. Through a distressing story, the former Big Brother denounced medical malpractice and he listed all the complications he has been suffering … Read more