Olga Tañón told in ‘Despierta América en Domingo’ how she lost 50 pounds after hitting rock bottom

Olga Tañón underwent a bariatric operation. Photo: Olga Tañón / Courtesy Olga Tañón counted this morning in ‘Wake up America on Sunday’ how he already lost 50 pounds with bariatric surgery, before living a physical, mental and emotional ordeal when you reach almost 200 pounds and wear a size 16. In an exclusive interview with … Read more

Beatriz de York and Tatiana Santo Domingo, the art of repeating a dress and turning it into the best wedding look

Each new royal link brings with it a display of fancy dresses and majestic jewels and the ‘I do’ between Philippos from Greece and Nina Flohr this afternoon in Athens was no exception. Despite the long list of elegant women who have attended the ceremony, Beatriz de York and Tatiana Santo Domingo have earned a … Read more