How was the second marriage of Irma Dorantes after the death of Pedro Infante

Irma Dorante married for the second time with the producer, announcer, businessman and presenter Carlos Amador (Photo: INAH) Irma Dorantes not only married Pedro Infantebut shortly after decided to marry carlos amadorone of the most important television producers that emerged while the Golden era of Mexican cinema was coming to an end. Pedro Infante died … Read more

How much did Irma Dorantes’ wedding dress cost for her wedding with Pedro Infante

Pedro Infante and Irma Dorantes had a simple and intimate wedding, trying not to attract the attention of the press, but spared no expense for the details of their union (Photo: Twitter / @ CADCoyoacan) Pedro Infantand and Irma Dorantes they married despite all the adversities that were surrounding them. They arrived at the altar … Read more

How was the wedding of Pedro Infante and Irma Dorantes


Irma Dorantes and Pedro Infante were married years after their romance began (Photo: Screenshot / “You will not wish your son’s wife”) Pedro Infante and Irma Dorantes they were married privately, as they pretended not to generate any media scandal and that no one bothered them in their happiness. Therefore, the ceremony and party was … Read more