From Julión Álvarez to Galilea Montijo: which celebrities were linked to drug traffickers and why

Several famous Mexicans have been involved in the controversy after being singled out for their alleged relationship with drug traffickers. Photos: Getty Images/CUARTOSCURO Famous Mexicans have been involved in the scandal for their alleged link to drug trafficking. Some have been singled out for their alleged participation in crimes such as money laundering, others for … Read more

Amber Heard Questioned About Her Drug Use After She Said Johnny Depp Turned Into A ‘Monster’ When High

Amber Heard recounts how she dealt with her addictions 2:42 (CNN) — Amber Heard She returned to the stand this Tuesday to continue testifying during cross-examination in the $50 million defamation case that pits her against her ex-husband. Johnny Depp. After testifying for several days that Depp’s drug and alcohol use made him a violent … Read more

Pedro Infante’s grandson assured that the actor faked his death due to links with drug traffickers

César Augusto Infante assured that his grandfather died at the age of 95 and not in the 1957 plane crash (Photos: SIC / Government of Mexico // YouTube Capture / Double G) Almost 65 years after the death of Pedro Infanteone of the grandsons of Idol of Guamuchil assured that his grandfather He didn’t die … Read more

The day a drug trafficker made Joaquín Cosío’s legs tremble


Joaquin Cosio. (Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images) MEXICO CITY, February 14 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Actor Joaquín Cosío has gained fame for being a man of strong character after during his career, and due to his physical characteristics, he has repeatedly played rough roles or Mexican drug lords. like the famous “Cochiloco” in the movie “Hell”, from … Read more

Juan Rivera confirms that he spoke with Chiquis about Lorenzo Méndez’s alleged drug use


The reactions on the new Chiquis book continue, now it was John Rivera who spoke about it. The singer’s uncle confirmed that on one occasion her niece questioned him about the attitude of a person who consumes cocaineso at that time suspected that her husband Lorenzo Méndez was on drugs. In ‘Invincible’ he recounts that … Read more

Andrea Rincón, concerned about the case of the poisoned drug: “This disease always bottoms out, a hospital, the cemetery or jail”


Andrea Rincon Andrea Rincón referred to the case of poisoned cocaine that left more than 23 dead and more than fifty hospitalized. In addition to expressing his support for the families of the victims, The former Big Brother highlighted the importance of knowing how to ask for help. “Our condolences to the family and strength … Read more

Video: Gerardo Fernández, Vicente Fernández’s son, accused of ties to drug trafficking


In the book of “The Last King”, an unauthorized biography that talks about Vicente Fernandez, written by the Argentine author Olga wornat, there is talk of the alleged links of Gerardo Fernandez, son of the Huentitán charro with the drug trafficking. It is a description of the identity of the less public son of Vicente, … Read more

‘Emma and the other narco ladies’: the book that unleashes a scandal in Mexico by linking famous celebrities with the drug lords


Most of the artists named by journalist Anabel Hernández have already denied their alleged links with the cartels. The journalist Anabel Hernández unleashed a new controversy in Mexico by publishing ‘Emma and the other ladies of the narco’, a work in which she details that several famous celebrities have been associated with drug lords in … Read more

Vicente Fernández’s son would have had links with the drug trafficker, according to Olga Wornat


The untold details of the Fernándezes were revealed by Olga Wornat, who recently published her new book on the singer (Photo: Instagram / @ _ vicentefdez) The journalist and writer Olga wornat published his new book The last king, where he uncovers the assumptions details of the lives of the children of Vicente Fernandez and … Read more

Lucía Méndez revealed if she was ever courted by a drug lord


Méndez denied having received praise from drug traffickers Photo: Instagram @ luciamendezof / Uriel Santana After the publication of the book Emma and the other narco ladies, text by journalist Anabel Hernández where the relationship that some drug lords have had in past years with entertainment figures, especially women, is addressed, the issue has remained … Read more