Pablo Montero denied appearing drunk at recordings of “The Last King”

The singer is involved in the controversy for participating in the unauthorized bioseries of Vicente Fernández. (Photo: EFE/Francisco Guasco/File) Pablo Montero broke the silence around the rumors that monopolized the spotlight for a few days. And it is that the protagonist of the unauthorized series by Vicente Fernández He was accused of going to a … Read more

“Naco drunk”, they tell Christian Nodal, they filter video where Belinda’s ex appears with “too many drinks”

Christian Nodal / Belinda. Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente Christian Nodal He is still in the midst of controversy, since after the scandal unleashed by the messages he revealed about his ex-fiancée Belindawhere he asked for money, now a video has been leaked where the Mexican regional singer apparently shows himself with a few more drinks. … Read more

José Eduardo Derbez recalled the disappointment that a fan had for not seeing him drunk

The actor starred in the series “My uncle.” (Photo: Instagram/@jose_eduardo92) like seldom, Jose Eduardo Derbez shared one of the worst experiences he has faced with fans during his artistic career. The Mexican interpreter said that some time ago he felt disappointed about the impression that some people had with him after a surprising encounter with … Read more

Germán Martitegui’s anger with Denise Dumas and Tomás Fonzi in Masterchef Celebrity: “They are drunk”

The jury expressed its outrage to see that they had tried several liquors and wanted to confiscate all alcoholic beverages The grand finale of the third season is approaching. Master Chef Celebrityand the final six entrants are determined to earn their place on the podium. Despite the competitive climate that exists these dayson Wednesday they … Read more

Larry Duane Parris: Dead Hit by Famous TV Drunk Driver

Facebook/BroncosMexicanRestaurant Larry Duane Parris has been identified as the 54-year-old man who died in a car accident involving the pageant American Idol Caleb Kennedy, according to WSPA. The WSPA reported that Kennedy has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after crashing his vehicle into a garage at the rear of a residential … Read more

She resigned from ‘Hoy’: After leaving her, Galilea Montijo’s husband exhibits her as “unfaithful and drunk”

Written in SHOWS the 11/6/2021 · 13:55 hs Mexico City.- Following rumors of an alleged marital crisis and even a divorce, a video of Galilea Montijo and her husband Fernando Reina where he points her by unfaithful and by “drunk“. Click here and discover more information about Tribuna Sonora on our Google News page After … Read more