Claudia Álvarez was criticized for piercing her baby’s ears: this is how she defended her decision

Motherhood under public scrutiny is complicated. For this reason, several celebrities choose to protect the anonymity of their children and their facet as mothers. However, some more are much more open with the challenges, joys and blessings that they experience as mothers, which not only provokes positive and loving responses from their fans, but also … Read more

Drinking from a bottle or with cat ears: Meghan Markle shows her funniest side on television

Meghan Markle has returned to television to be interviewed on one of the most visited shows in America, the Ellen DeGeneres show. His presence on the program had generated great expectation, but the tone of his statements It was totally different from his controversial talk with Oprah Winfrey. The Duchess of Sussex, who wore a … Read more

“With only a few ears”, Daniella Chávez becomes a bunny

Daniella Chávez becomes a bunny, with only some ears | Instagram Surely the famous bunny magazine would be looking for it! The beautiful Daniella Chavez She decided to pose in Eva’s outfit for the cameras, but it was not exactly this character she was trying to bring to life, but nothing more and nothing less … Read more