China Suárez showed the emotional letter that Jey Mammon wrote to her when she was her catechist

China Suárez and Jey Mammon On their social networks, Eugenia The China Suarez shared a childhood memory with Jey Mammon and surprised his followers. The actress published on her Instagram account a letter that the current driver of Morfi (telefe) wrote to her when she was his catechism student. In the letter, she thanked him … Read more

The emotional messages of love that Shakira wrote to Piqué. Ignored by him?

Without a doubt, the separation of Shakira and Piqué continues to give something to talk about. And it is not for less, the couple was one of the most beloved both in the show and in international football, in addition, it is one of the most important Latin singers in the world and which has … Read more

Laura Londoño: the most emotional photos of her wedding with Santiago Mora

Laura Londonowho played the “Seagull” in “Woman-fragranced coffee”, is married to Santiago Mora and they have been in a relationship for more than ten years. The Colombian actress and the filmmaker have two daughters, Allegra and Mikaela, who was born in February 2022, establishing themselves as one of the most stable couples in the Colombian … Read more

They no longer hide their love: Rodrigo De Paul’s emotional message to Tini Stoessel


Rodrigo dePaul and Tini Stoessel Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul They are living an intense romance. As both keep a low profile regarding their private lives, they were careful to expose themselves at first, but could not prevent it from being leaked to the media. photos of them in Ibiza, Spain. Apparently, now the couple … Read more

The emotional story of Chris Evans and his rescued dog

those who follow Chris Evans in their social networks they know very well that this friend is the protagonist of a large number of publications. Is about dodgerits lovely rescued dog and the one who gave him a home and a family. On this occasion, we remember this emotional story and tell you everything there … Read more

The emotional love story behind the most beloved couple: How did Luis Fonsi and Agueda López meet?


Luis Fonsi Over the years, he has positioned himself as one of the most influential figures in Latin music and his career was catapulted to global levels with the single Slowly. In addition, his role as a television figure participating, for example, as coach of the The voice in Spain, Ecuador, Chili, Colombia Y USAhas … Read more

Young man sat next to Tom Holland on a flight and the actor had an emotional gesture with her


How many times in your life could you accidentally meet your favorite artist or celebrity in the same place you are? Sadly, very rarely. For this reason, people who have been lucky enough to see their ‘celebrity’ in a restaurant, at the airport or on the street, do not hesitate to share the moment on … Read more

The most emotional congratulations from influencers for Father’s Day


Today is a very special day, as the father figure and the values ​​that they instill in their children are commemorated. On this Father’s Day, social networks are flooded with love, gratitude and, above all, memories. There are many familiar faces who have taken advantage of this important date to thank their parents and their … Read more

A few days after Diego Verdaguer’s departure, Ana Victoria dedicates some emotional words to her sister Gimena

In the midst of the duel they are going through due to the recent death of Diego Verdaguerhis two daughters, Anna Victoria and Gimena, they have come together more than ever. And it is that despite the distance and having been born to different mothers, the singer’s daughters have tried to build a close relationship … Read more

Dalma Maradona shared the first photo of her belly: Gianinna’s emotional reaction


Dalma and Gianinna Maradona, eternal complicity (Instagram) Dalma Maradona she is expecting her second daughtern Andres Caldarelli. The actress announced her pregnancy this Monday, without too many detours in A perfect dayyour program Radius Meter. And he didn’t play the mystery with the sex or the name either. Happy with the novelty, she told her … Read more