“Because there is not, nor will there be another Gerard Piqué”: Shakira’s blind love for the player led her to try to get back with him twice | People | Entertainment

the life of the singer Shakira It seemed from the outside to be the perfect one. A 12-year relationship, two beautiful children and a successful career, drew a happy home. But, not everything they let see was reality and the rumors confirmed that love is over and Gerard Piqué put distance between the two. Knowing … Read more

“I don’t want him to see me as his wife, I prefer that he see me as his girlfriend”: For Shakira it was not a simple whim not to marry Gerard Piqué and these were her reasons | People | Entertainment

A signed paper that tie the love of your lifeit was not the end I was looking for Shakira to be next to Gerard Piqué. The most acclaimed Latin artist on the international stage, she fell in love with the handsome and famous Spanish member of her country’s national team, a man that the Colombian … Read more

Chyno Miranda’s family appreciates the organization of the benefit concert for the singer and Nacho is already promoting the event scheduled for June 8 | People | Entertainment

Rumors about the health of Chyno Miranda. And although its new manager and his ex-wife Natasha Araos denied that he was in bad shape, now a post on the artist’s Instagram account confirms that not everything “is fine”, and they appreciate the gesture of planning a benefit concert that Nacho is already promoting. The fans … Read more

Prince Charles of England, closer to becoming the oldest king who could access the throne | People | Entertainment

Prince Charles, the queen’s eldest son Isabel II, 96 years old, he should inherit the throne in case she is incapacitated or dies. Currently, the Prince carlos he is first in line to the British throne. He and Camilla, who will become queenwill remain at the head of the royal family once the queen decides … Read more

Nacho asks for a miracle for the health of his friend Chyno Miranda: Rumors assure that the Venezuelan singer is hospitalized for his serious health condition | People | Entertainment

The bad news about the health of Chyno Miranda They reappear after Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, artistically known as Nacho, alerted his thousands of fans to pray for his friend in the face of the medical condition in which he plunged again. What is known (so far) about Chyno Miranda For years, the singers were one … Read more

Pamela Franco and ‘Chemo’ Ruiz: what happened to the couple and why they ended | entertainment stories

Before her love story with Christian Domínguez, Pamela Franco He was making his first steps in the world of entertainment with his relationship with Marco ‘Chemo’ Ruiz, when he was a member of the group ‘Alma Bella’. In this note we collect details of that brief relationship that the footballer had with the singer. More … Read more

“I was going to go to jail or I was going to see a grave”: This has been Jada Pinkett Smith’s fight against her addictions to alcohol, sex and her acceptance of alopecia | People | Entertainment


The controversy of Oscar awards starring Will Smith and Chris Rock put in the eye of public opinion the family of the “Men in Blacks” actor, including his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. A joke about the actress’s alopecia was enough for the interpreter to detonate and go on stage to slap the comedian, who, like … Read more

Alain Delon, the most beautiful man in the world, confirms his euthanasia at 86: This is the injection he could receive | People | Entertainment


Became a sex symbol in the 60s and 70s, Alain Delon expressed to his son the decision he made to apply the euthanasiasince after two stroke and at 86 years of age, he doesn’t want to live anymore. Anthony Delon made public the decision of his father, who had already stated in previous interviews that … Read more

“I injured my only foot due to my lack of sensitivity”: Daniella Álvarez suffers an impressive injury after walking a lot during her stay in Ecuador | People | Entertainment


The recovery of Daniella Álvarez after suffering the amputation of part of her left leg, is the best example of human improvement. And during her visit to EcuadorThe former Miss Colombia shared with her followers how much she enjoys the country, but unfortunately a long walk left a serious injury to her only foot. Accompanied … Read more

Lupita D’Alessio and Carlos Reinoso: the scandalous romance that left its mark on Mexican entertainment


We cannot talk about the 1980s in Mexico without referring to the ardent, passionate, aggressive and scandalous love that Lupita D’Alessio and Chilean Carlos Reinoso experienced, challenging the world. Lupita D’Alessio. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images) There has never been such an explosive relationship between a singer/actress and a soccer idol like the … Read more