Nico Furtado and Ester Expósito no longer hide their love: the photos of their vacations in Punta del Este

Nico Furtado and Ester Exposito no longer hide their love

Nico Furtado and Ester Expósito, relaxed in Uruguay (RS Photos) After giving various clues on social media for weeks, finally at the end of October Nicolas Furtado Y Ester Exposito confirmed their romance. They did it through a selfie taken at a Halloween party, where she is seen looked as Megan fox in Jennifer´s Body … Read more

Ester Exposito’s Christmas pose in a swimsuit is already viral

A white wedding dress and the ideal beauty look that has made David de Gea even more in love: this is how Edurne warms up before the holidays arrive. Zendaya does it with a cut and hair color that seems inspired by Mary Jane, Spider-Man’s girlfriend, and the protagonists of the remake from “West Side … Read more

The reason why Ester Expósito exploded against China Suárez was known: he called Nicolás Furtado again

The reason why Ester Exposito exploded against China Suarez was

Nico Furtado, China Suárez and Ester Exposito The China Suárez had an affair with Nico Furtado, but the relationship did not prosper and the actor began dating Ester Exposito. The couple already whitewashed the courtship through social networks when the Spanish actress published a selfie with the protagonist of The Marginal at a Halloween celebration … Read more

Romance confirmed: Ester Exposito’s selfie with Nicolás Furtado at the Halloween party

Romance confirmed Ester Expositos selfie with Nicolas Furtado at the

Ester Exposito and Nico Furtado Although Halloween It is already a memory, social networks are still receiving the tail of the Halloween festivities. Halfway between terror and fun the costumes come from different parts of the world and the curious crowd to see how the famous celebrated the party. And in some cases, between blood, … Read more