The love story of Gerardo Rozín and Eugenia Quibel, the woman who accompanied him in the most difficult moment

Eugenia Quibel and Gerardo Rozín at the wedding of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo in Miami, in February 2020; Rosario was a close friend of Ricardo, the singer’s father “Just a moment… it’s one look and you know.” Passionate about music and analyzing the lyrics of each of the songs, in October of last year Gerardo … Read more

The sinking of Prince Andrew casts doubt on the future of his daughters Beatriz and Eugenia

The British press specializing in royalty is always torn between two tendencies: either it crushes the characters —in most cases, with the collaboration of the crushed— or it tries to find a use or reason for them. Prince Andrew, who has managed to dodge accusations of sexual abuse to a minor at the expense of … Read more

Eugenia León revealed how Raúl Velasco treated her badly on Televisa


Eugenia León mentioned that she was not well received by Raúl Velasco (Photo: Instagram / @ eugenialeon_oficial / @ leadersmexicanos) Eugenia Leon He was honest about some issues of how he started in the artistic environment. The mexican singer mentioned that it was not well received for Raul Velasco when he was host of the … Read more

The family’s moving tribute to Eugenia de York’s father-in-law

Eugenia de York and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, are experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. To the joy of baptizing their son August, in a ceremony in which Lucas, the son of Zara and Mike Tindall, was also Christian, The loss has been added, just a few days before the Princess’s father-in-law, 72 years old. Despite … Read more

The sad loss of Eugenia de York who has become known after baptizing her son

Eugenia de York and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, had an unforgettable weekend. The couple baptized their son August at All Saints Chapel in Windsor, in a ceremony in which Lucas also received the baptismal waters, the son of Zara and Mike Tindall. The Princess and Princess Anne’s daughter they had the privilege of having the … Read more

Elizabeth II attends the christening of her great-grandchildren, the children of Eugenia de York and Zara Tindall

Unforgettable weekend for British royalty. The members of the Windsor have met this Sunday for a double party and to what finally, Isabel II did not want to miss, who a week ago suffered a back injury that forced her to cancel her presence at the Armistice Day celebrations at the last minute. Today, Eugenia … Read more

The gift of Eugenia de York and Zara Tindall at the double christening of their children: the queen


11/21/2021 – 19:06 Updated: 11/21/2021 – 7:12 PM This past Saturday, Palace sources assured several British media that this Sunday, the British royal family planned to live a remarkable event with a double christening. This has finally happened. The granddaughters of Elizabeth II, the princess eugenie, 31, and Zara Tindall, 40, had an exciting day … Read more

Eugenia Osborne breaks her silence about their separation: ‘I would not go back to him, but I love him madly’

Since to end of last July announced their separation through a statement, Eugenia Osborne had not publicly commented on his marital breakdown of Juan Melgarejo. He did it today, almost four months later, to relate how is she herself and what is her current relationship with her ex-partner and father of her three children. HELLO! … Read more

Get to know the inside of the house that Carmen Salinas will inherit from María Eugenia, her daughter


Last July we introduced you details of the inheritance of the great actress Carmen Salinas, 82, who, despite having almost 60 years of experience and having had a brief stint in politics, does not have a large amount of real estate, since he only has two, the house where he lives and his studio. The … Read more

The nice ‘conversation’ of the little monster August, the son of Eugenia de York, on Halloween night

It is not common to see members of the British Royal Family dressed up for Halloween, but this time Eugenia of York She has taken advantage of the fact that she now celebrates this party as a mother and has not been able to resist sharing a picture of her little August dressed up for … Read more