“Bottle after bottle” Would Belinda drive Nodal to excesses?

Belinda would get money from Christian Nodal for the drink | Instagram Belinda has been one of the most notable in its relationship with Christian Nodalin addition to being “interested”, who only “takes advantage of her partners”, among many other things, now comes the version that she also “3brigaba” Nodal to get what she wanted. … Read more

This is Bader S. Shammas, the fiancé who has restored the illusion to Lindsay Lohan: a discreet banker oblivious to the excesses of fame

Lindsay Lohan, at an event in Melbourne, Australia, in November 2019.James Gourley (Getty Images) In 2014, exhausted from the media pressure and nighttime temptations of Los Angeles, Lindsay Lohan decided to start a new stage in Dubai. Many thought that this was nothing more than a passing fancy and that he would soon return to … Read more

Belinda and Christian Nodal ended due to the excesses and infidelities of the singer

Written in CELEBRITIES the 2/15/2022 10:35 a.m. Christian Nodal broke social media this weekend by announcing his final break with Belinda, after almost two years of relationship and the wedding plans they had. Since then neither of them has given more details about the decision they made, but two sources close to the ex-partner mentioned, … Read more

Accidents, excesses and murders: the tragic stories of celebrities who died at the peak of their careers


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From a boy star to bankruptcy: the Harry Potter actor who spent his fortune on women, cars and excesses


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Drugs, racism and excesses: the scandals of Tom Hanks’ ‘rebellious son’


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