Yolanda Andrade’s golden wedding anniversary with life, peppered with controversy and a passion to exist

The first time I had a notion of Yolanda Andrade (or well known today, 30 years later, with the nicknames of ‘El Chivo’ or ‘Joe’) was when she appeared in the soap opera ‘Yo no creo en los hombres’, produced by Lucy Orozco (the same from the famous version of ‘Teresa’ with Salma Hayek) in … Read more

15 years of virtual “relationship” with a woman who did not exist: this is how this famous athlete ended up scammed and in debt

Roberto Cazzaniga was convinced that he had a long-distance relationship with a woman named ‘Maya’, with whom he had a virtual “bond” for 15 years. ‘Maya’ made him believe that she was a supermodel, that she was in love and committed to him. In fact, the well-known former player of the Italian volleyball team and … Read more

Margarita Gralia spoke about the health of Carmen Salinas: “miracles exist”


The actress expressed her solidarity with the actress’s family and sent them a message of support (PHOTO: RICARDO CASTELAN / CUARTOSCURO) The Argentine actress Margaret Gralia showed solidarity with the family of the Mexican Carmen Salinas placeholder image after the critical state of health in which the comedian is also after the actress has been … Read more