Alfredo Adame wants to give an engagement ring as expensive as Ben Affleck’s to JLo: “I have my little storage”

1650130736 Alfredo Adame wants to give an engagement ring as

The actor will get married soon (Photo: screenshot/YouTube) After the latest controversy Alfredo Adame with the lawyer of Carlos Trejo, the former driver of Today announced from a video on his social networks that he is already making preparations for his wedding with Magaly Chavez. And now, the controversial actor surprised by saying that he … Read more

Cedi Osman and the expensive 10,000 dress she bought from Ebru Şahin

1646848832 Cedi Osman and the expensive 10000 dress she bought from

The basketball star Cedi Osman has shown in a nice detail the love he feels for his girlfriend Ebru Sahin, actress who starred in “Hercai” and “Destan”. On Women’s Day she bought a dress for more than 10 thousand dollars and all for a good cause, do you know what happened? MORE INFORMATION: The secret … Read more

Nodal spent millions of dollars on Belinda: this cost his most expensive gifts

Nodal spent millions of dollars on Belinda this cost his

At just 23 years old, Christian Nodal is crowned one of the most successful Regional Mexican singers of the time, which not only consolidated him in the music industry, but also allowed him to enjoy a great fortune, including luxury cars and exclusive real estate properties. Nodal spent millions of dollars during his relationship Belinda: … Read more

Ángela Aguilar showed off expensive Versace shoes at Radio Awards, in two colors

1636800611 Angela Aguilar showed off expensive Versace shoes at Radio Awards

The young Angela Aguilar made history at the last Radio Awards by becoming the most awarded female singer at that award, unseating great and veteran stars such as Ana Barbara or Chiquis Rivera placeholder image. The daughter of Pepe Aguilar She took home three of the five awards she was nominated for, presented an award … Read more

Luciana Salazar responded to everything: her sentimental status, what she likes about a man and the most expensive gift she received

Luciana Salazar responded to everything her sentimental status what she

Luciana Salazar, without filters when answering questions from her followers on Instagram Always very reserved, Luciana Salazar he does not usually give details about his private life. And although until just a few weeks ago was participating in Showmatch -program that he had to abandon to carry out urgent procedures for his daughter in the … Read more