Rusherking confirmed his relationship with La China Suárez: “He takes great care of me and makes me fall in love”

Rusherking spoke for the first time about his relationship with China Suárez (PH We can talk, Telefe) Since it was announced that rushing I was going to be one of the guests PH, can we talk, it was known that many eyes were going to be on him. In addition to being one of the … Read more

“Glamorous fall?”: The “daughter of Luis Miguel” stars in a mishap with a lot of style in full gala

Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel, stumbles in Cannes | Instagram michelle hallsdaughter of Luis Miguel, lived an embarrassing moment prior to her presence at the Cannes Festival, where the glamorous garment she wore played a trick on her, an instant that did not take long to go viral on social networks, after she published … Read more

Fall in love, Demi Rose shares great beauties in the foreground with fans

Demi Rose shares great beauties in the foreground with fans | INSTAGRAM The beautiful model british, DemiRoseis always willing to share with his followers of Instagram the best Photographs and videos that you have on your reel, this time you did it through your stories. As they disappear every 24 hours, we do not dedicate … Read more

“Today I kissed the stage”: Honduras sees the “Mexican regional” fall, there would be consequences

Christian Nodal takes a wrong step on stage in Honduras | Instagram Christian Nodal would have taken a wrong step during his recent presentation from Honduras in the middle of his “Outlaw” tour, his fans in that region would see the “sonorense” fall resoundingly. It would be on stage where the singer, Christian Nodal He … Read more

You can’t help but fall in love with “La Chule” when you see her look so radiant

Aracely Arámbula, wears a white dress with all the style | Instagram Aracely Arambulaat 46 years old in the middle of the show, her talent and beauty remain in force in the hearts of the public and her most faithful followers, whom she dazzled with a white look. Wearing a white dress that left much … Read more

Bob Saget possibly died from a fall on a carpeted floor, coroner says

The skull fractures that caused the death of the american actor Bob Saget last January they could have occurred in a fall on a carpeted floor, according to new details revealed in the final police report published on Tuesday. The forensic doctor who performed the autopsy noted that the fractures in the eye sockets of … Read more

Andrea Legarreta reacted to the new accusations of Alfredo Adame: “I’m not going to fall”

Andrea Legarreta and Alfredo Adame were partners during the morning 20 years ago Today Photo: Special Infobae Alfredo Adame lashed out again against the host of the morning Today, Andrea Legarreta. Given the controversial statements made by his partner more than 20 years ago, Erik Rubín’s wife decided not to remain silent and defended herself … Read more

Evaluna Montaner: the painful fall she suffered a few months after giving birth to her first child


Evaluate Montaner Y Camilo They are one of the most beloved couples of the moment. It was in 2015 when they made their love public, after meeting at the launch of a shampoo brand in 2014. At that time, each one had a partner, so it took a year for the interpreter of “Vida de … Read more

Evaluna Montaner suffers a tremendous fall and shows her injuries


Through his Instagram account, Evaluate Montaner shared with his fans that Suffered a fall, so the worried after showing the wounds who suffered as a result of the incident, especially since the Venezuelan actress is pregnant and is already in her second and third trimesters. It was through a video Evaluate Montaner shared where you … Read more

Natalia Téllez: when a distant cousin tried to make her fall in love at the same funeral of her mother


What happened with Natalia Tellez? Awaiting the soon birth of her daughter, the 35-year-old television presenter told, true to her irreverent style, the time that a distant relative flirted with her at her mother’s funeral, when she was just 15 years old, in Mexico. The celebrity recounted her uncomfortable experience on “Netas Divinas”, a program … Read more