This is how Karely Ruiz rose to fame with intimate photos… now she sells them on OnlyFans

For Georgina Bello Robledo Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 2/1/2023 4:49 p.m. At just 22 years old, karely ruiz It has become a benchmark for sensuality and beauty thanks to its sensual content of onlyfansthe same thing that made him rise to fame, because just as he did kim kardashian, the young woman got a lot … Read more

Amber Heard was addicted to cocaine and was jealous of the fame of Johnny Depp

The former nurse of Amber Heard, Erin Fallati He testified this Tuesday in front of the audience via video call, to answer the questions of the lawyers. He stated that, during the first meeting with the actress in August 2014, he noted that Heard reported a history of substance abuse, including an addiction to cocaine … Read more

Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the journalist who rose to fame and lost his way

The prestige of a journalist is, in the long run, the only thing left to him when he reaches the end of his career: no matter the fame, or the popularity, or the power, or the money that has been accumulated (there are great journalists from all walks of life who don’t make a fortune) … Read more

Adamari López, did you find a new love? | United States Celebs | nnda nnlt | FAME


Since Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa ended their relationship in mid-2021, the spotlight has been on them and their outgoings. This is how it became known that the dancer had something more than a friendship with the Mexican ‘Bichota’, Evelyn Beltranand the Puerto Rican with Timbo Domínguez, Beltrán’s ex. MORE INFORMATION: This is how Adamari … Read more

Roberto Romano, from The House of Celebrities to Exatlón Estados Unidos | Telemundo Shows | United States Celebs nnda nnlt | FAME


After his time on the successful reality show “the house of the famous” in 2021, the actor Roberto Romano joined the sixth season of the sports competition program “United States Exathlon” from Telemundo, in which he will demonstrate all his physical abilities to stay in the race and be able to win the juicy prize … Read more

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, the actors who met because their daughters fought at school | United States Celebs nnda nnlt | FAME


“The Lost City” (“The lost city”, in Spanish) is the new film starring Sandra Bullockwho shares roles for the first time with channing tatum. The story follows the kidnapping of a novelist and how a cover model plunges into an exotic jungle, risking her life, to rescue her from an eccentric millionaire. MORE INFORMATION: Why … Read more

Lucero: why hasn’t she married Michel Kuri after 10 years of relationship | Celebs from Mexico | nnda nnlt | FAME


The Mexican singer Lucero Hogaza León, artistically known as bright Staris going through one of the best moments of his life in terms of family and work, because in addition to going through various scenarios with her ex-husband, Manuel Mijaresmaintains a good relationship with her current partner, Michel Kuri. MORE INFORMATION: These are the scandals … Read more

Fame and abuse: the open secret that has shaken the foundations of Mexican entertainment


In case of sasha sokolhis brave statement about the words of his ex-partner and ex-producer Luis de Llano Macedo and the echo that it has caused throughout Mexico continue to be the most explosive note of the Mexican show business in years. It won’t be a scandal the size of Harvey Weinstein’s (but few compare … Read more

Anna Chlumsky, the girl from ‘My first kiss’ who fled from fame and today triumphs on Netflix


Anna Chlumsky is easy to recognize. Her face was left in the memory of an entire generation as she played Vada Sultenfuss, a restless and sweet girl in the hit movie My first kiss (My Girl1991), with Macaulay Culkin. The naive story about the transition to adolescence, whose plot took place in 1970, in Pennsylvania, … Read more

Tenoch Huerta and the contempt for theater and soap operas that fuels his bad fame


For some time now, Tenoch Huerta has gained an extra reputation to the one he already had. A few years ago, he was recognized as a solid actor — although, as he says, he hates being an actor, but loves acting — the great promise of his generation, who was opening a gap in the … Read more